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Kamran was the son of the exiled Najma of the Clandestines, a group of beings that were often mislabeled as Djinn. Despite the longevity of and origins from the Noor Dimension of the other members of Clan Destine, Kamran was born on Earth approximately 17 years before meeting Kamala Khan.[1]

When Kamala Khan incorporated a bangle from her great grandmother it into her Captain Marvel costume, she unwittingly unlocking the Noor power inside herself.[2] Activating the bangle also alerted Clan Destine to Kamala and the bangle's location.[1] To get close to her, Kamran was enrolled in Coles Academic High School where he met Kamala and her friends. Kamran seemed to create a real connection with Kamala and even offered to give her driving lessons that became a pseudo-date.[3]

While escaping Damage Control, Kamran rescued Kamala in his car then took her to his family's home to explain the history of Clan Destine and ask for her help in returning to the Noor Dimension. When Kamala expressed some hesitation to opening a portal to the Noor Dimension, Najma and Clan Destine became violent. Kamran was able to warn Kamala about the danger, but Clan Destine still ruited Aamir and Tyesha's wedding and were only stopped by the arrival of Damage Control agents who detained Kamran and the rest of Clan Destine while Kamala narrowly escaped.[1]



  • In Ms. Marvel S1E03, Kamran was stated to be 17 years old.
    • Since Ms. Marvel takes place in 2025, Kamran was born in around 2008 (or 2003 if he was blipped).

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