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Kamula was one of the "vanished elder cities" of Pre-Cataclysmic Age Valusia, located north of the kingdom's capital,[3] on the Northern Shore.[2]

While an ancient map showed it in the Hyborian Age region of Shem-Stygia, that location is to doubtful.[3]


During the Age of Kull (circa 18,500 BC), Kamula was the seat of power of the province, residence of Ergon, baron of the Northern Shore.[2] It was also a resort city,[4] known as the "city of pleasure".[1]

The giant slug-like creature known as Zugthuu the Slitherer was held in the undergrounds of Kamula, Valusia, where the decadent court of Kamula (including the girl Zareta and Taligaro the poet) held twisted rites.[2]

On a visit of King Kull accompanied by Brule and a few Pict, the delegation was received by Ergon. After Ergon retired from Kull's presence, he went on to held another decadent ceremony, snatching one of the Picts, Grogar, for the ceremony. Kull interrupted the rite, slaughtering his hosts, then attacked the sluggish creature. While slashing it in vain, Kull recognized in its eyes a pain originated from the sadness of an intelligent mind locked in a primeval form. He stopped and instead set the monster aflame, as an act of inspiration or compassion. Before fleeing with Grogar, Kull saw gratitude in the eyes of the creature.[2]


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