King Kamuu was the last emperor of the continent of Atlantis before it sank beneath the sea. As the Deviant Empire conquered the rest of the world, Atlantis was the only human outpost left. Queen Zartra, the exiled queen of Lemuria, traveled to Atlantis after her nation fell, and Kamuu fell in love with her, and made her his queen.[1]

The sorceress known as Zhered-Na prophesied that the continent would sink beneath the ocean, for this she was banished from the kingdom. The sorceress in her exile began her own cult, which included members such as the wizard Dakimh.[2]

At one point the time traveling heroes Son of Satan, Katherine Reynolds and Byron Hyatt visited ancient Atlantis in search of Zhered-Na, they were captured by the palace guard who took them to meet the king and queen. Hellstrom requested to meet with Zhered-Na, but she was already in exile. King Kamuu inspected the Damians mystical trident, and demanded that the travelers be abandoned at sea with no food nor water. Hellstrom later reclaimed his trident, created a wall of flame, which allowed them to escape from the Atlantean guards.[3]

As Atlantis faced the attacking Lemurian air force and the Muvians Navy, Kamuu prepared Atlantis for war. A group of mercenaries broke in, and confronted the king and queen. Kamuu and Zartra quickly bested these invaders in combat. The invaders then had begun to drill into the dome with machinery. Having no other choice, Kamuu opened the Serpents' Heads, which released the magma beneath Atlantis. The lava flowed from the serpent’s slew and all the Lemurians were killed, the rest of the mercenaries thrown to the sharks. The Atlantean scientist Zapal informed him that Atlantis had begun to sink.

By releasing the flaming magma from beneath to defeat the invading Muvians and Lemurians, Kamuu unwittingly caused Atlantis to be affected by the nuclear cataclysm that the Celestial were simultaneously sinking the Deviants home of Lemuria, which was on the other side of the planet. King Kamuu and his wife perished in the sinking of Atlantis.[4]

After thousands of years, the spirit of Kamuu visited Namor the Sub-Mariner, the current king of Atlantis, in his dreams. Kamuu explained that sorceress Morgan Le Fay, was descended from the Zhered-Na cult and sought to raise Atlantis, providing the Sub-Mariner with the information to defeat her.[5]


Kamuu was a skilled warrior and swordsman.


Sword of Kamuu

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