At some point in the divergent history of Kang, this Conqueror was approached by one of his alternate selves. "Kang-Prime", as he later became known, declared that other Kangs in the multiverse were idiots and fools, ruining the good name of Kang. These two Kangs joined with a third to form the Council of Kangs (Multiverse), who sat in judgment of other Kangs to prune the unworthy from their ranks.

Unknown to Kang and Kang, however, Kang-Prime was consolidating his own rule of the multiverse. For each Kang they eliminated, Kang-Prime took control of that Kang's divergent realm with a robotic doppelganger. Eventually, all Kangs but those three were eliminated.

After the third remaining Kang found Kang-Prime's hidden citadel in Limbo, Kang-Prime arranged his death. He then summoned the Avengers to Limbo and this Kang separately. After priming the Avengers to fight "Kang" and manipulating his brother Kang into believing the Avengers had killed the third Kang, Kang-Prime set them against each other. Kang and the Avengers weakened each other until Kang-Prime stepped in and took them all prisoner.

Kang escaped his imprisonment beam, and was confronted by Ravonna, his lost love who Kang-Prime had whisked away from the moment of her death. Ravonna offered Kang her love and the chance to avoid further violence, but Kang would not stop until he revenged himself against Kang-Prime. Unfortunately, Kang-Prime anticipated this eventuality, and rigged Kang's weaponry to lethally backfire against him. Kang ended up killing himself while trying to kill...himself.[1]

According to his own account, Kang-Prime last encountered the Avengers in Avengers #24. As a result, THIS Kang may have been the Kang who encountered the Avengers after that point in stories such as the Celestial Madonna Saga, the Old West, and Secret Wars.

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