Dr. Koari Ikegami was a medical scientist and surgeon, who's specialization in mechanical engineering and advanced robotics allowed her to finance her own company, the Ikegami Medical Center. She later mentored many researchers, which included the promising Dr. Aaron Aikman who would go on to become the super-hero known as the Spider-Man. But Kaori was struck with tragedy when her 10 year old daughter Hannah was hit by a car.

Kaori Ikegami (Earth-31411) from Edge of Spider-Verse Vol 1 3 0002

Aaron and Kaori with Hannah

She survived but suffered irreversible brain damage which left her in a vegetative state. Kaori didn't accept that and decided to relinquish control of the Institute so she could dedicate herself to curing her daughter. This led to Kaori and Aaron to get closer and start a relationship, where during this time he revealed that he was the Spider-Man. But Kaori soon became obsessed with her daughter so she secluded herself away from the world. She finally managed to awaken her daughter from a six-year coma and Hannah told Kaori that she'd been in a dream world with a door, then suddenly began to yell at an unseen entity, Naamurah, which took control of her body.

Naamurah manipulated Kaori into converting a walking apparatus invented by Aikman into a suit of powered armor. Kaori spent the next year assisting Naamurah in her efforts to abduct people around the city, outfitting them with walking apparatuses. Kaori finally realized what she had done and sought out Aaron in hopes that he would help stop the possessed Hannah and her minions from overrunning the city.[1]

  • Dustin Weaver based Kaori Ikegami on popular japanese singer/actress from the 60s Akiko Nakamura.[2]

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