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The Purple Man was known to use his powers on unsuspecting women so he could engage in various sick games and fantasies. One woman named Melanie was forced into marrying Killgrave (or believing she did) and the two had a daughter named Kara.[3]

Alpha Flight

At puberty, Kara's skin turned purple and she began producing pheromones. Melanie explained to her who her father was, causing Kara to leave, thinking she was a 'freak'. After accidentally taking control of Northstar, she ordered him to bring her to Alpha Flight. When she got scared they were going to punish her, Kara attempted to run away again with Madison Jeffries under her control. Both were captured by the Auctioneer and rescued by Alpha Flight. Kara became the first recruit of a new Beta Flight squad.[7]

Northstar mad at Kara

Kara started a brief romance with the second member to be recruited, Whitman Knapp,[8] and trained with Alpha Flight extensively, often taking part in their missions. When the team decided to go separate ways, she was quite distraught, having made a new home with the team. After Knapp said he was leaving to focus on medicine, Kara considered forcing him to stay with her, but decided to let him choose his own path and instead moved home to Etobicoke with Laura Dean and Goblyn accompanying her.[9]

The team soon re-formed and Kara was quick to join.[10] However, when she was left behind by her teammates, she began to doubt her role in the team and left of her own choosing.[11]

Kara (along with Goblyn, Laura Dean, and Aurora) were later recruited by Talisman to find Northstar in Asgard. By this time, she had taken the name of Persuasion over her former codename of Purple Girl.[12]

She stayed on after Alpha Flight once again became funded by the government, becoming a founding member of the latest incarnation of Beta Flight.[13] She remained with the team until it was suspended indefinitely.[14]

Kara was one of the few remaining mutants to possess their powers following M-Day.[15]

Fear Itself

Kara, having allied herself with the anti-government Citadel, broke into the AmCan Mainframe Room to steal a server. She claimed that the server held data that would reveal the truth of what the Unity Party, a political party led by Gary Cody, really was. She was stopped by Snowbird. Later that day the Unity Party won the Canadian elections in a landslide victory.[1]

Taken to a Department H facility, she was brainwashed by the Master of the World's Unity program and drafted into Alpha Strike, a government-led force dedicated to defeating Alpha Flight led by former Alpha Flight leader Vindicator.[16]

Life After Alpha Strike

Kara somehow ended up in the Pace Federal Penitentiary, where she was briefly visited by Hope Summers, who absorbed her manipulation powers (and those of her fellow prisoner Lady Mastermind) to use them on the Avengers.[6]

Kara resurfaced later in New York City. She was briefly attacked by Jessica Jones. After the skirmish between the two, she reconciled with Jones and gave some word of advice about her daughter, Danielle, and how to deal with the Purple Children, Kara's half-siblings.[5]



Mind Control via Pheromones: Kara can control a person through the use of pheromones, placing them in an extremely suggestible state wherein they will follow her every command. As a side-effect, and unlike her father, those under her control have their skin turn the same shade of purple as her - an effect that ends when they are released.[3][4]

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