"The emptiness that devours." Karanada was an entity of massive power, capable of consuming entire galaxies. Composed not of matter or energy, Karanada was not dead or alive, it was simply a void of hunger. The Guardians of the Galaxy encountered it after having discovered several worlds that had been destroyed by Karanada.[1] They entered the creature, where they found the Topographical Man,[2] the actual source of Karanada. Karanada vanished when Vance Astro and Nikki joined in a metaphysical act of love that destroyed the Topographical Man.[3]


Capable of consuming whole galaxies, Karanada possessed unimaginable power that almost nothing could stop. It grows larger as it consumes more and more material.


Karanada can't stand up to the strength of spirit and determination, causing it to shrink and lose power.

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