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Karas was one of the Galadorian volunteers that became the First Generation of Spaceknights to battle the Dire Wraiths. He was one of Rom's best friends and once saved his life from drowning. He was given the Firefall armor to wield. When the invading Wraith warfleet approached Galador, Karas broke ranks and assaulted them by himself.[1] He found himself facing one of the feared Deathwings. In a desperate battle Karas was able to defeat the Deathwing but was so exhausted that he had neither will nor strength to resist when a Wraith Destroyer found him and captured him. The Dire Wraiths tried to take apart the armor and tortured Karas for nearly two centuries. When Karas realized that they were on the verge of breaching his armor, Karas used the Living Fire to rob them the satisfaction and phase his human id to Limbo while his physical form was destroyed. There in Limbo he would face many Dire Wraiths and be taunted by the Space Phantom. When Rom found himself banished to Limbo, the Space Phantom hatched a scheme to trick Rom into releasing him by assuming the form of Karas. This failed when the Phantom tried to wield the Living Fire in a manner that Karas would not, causing the return of the real Karas. As a horde of Wraiths gathered to attack the two Spaceknights, Karas utilized the Living Fire to envelop Rom and open a portal out of Limbo transporting him back to Earth. As the portal began to close Karas began to tell Rom of the fate of Galador but was cut off before he could finish his message.[2]



Flight (through stardrive rocket pods located on back)



Galadorian plandanium armor


The Living Fire of Galador

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