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Karere is a village in south part of Mbangawi,

At some point, an alternate Jim Jaspers made an apparition in the woods next to Karere, and the radiations emitted by his teleportation caused to numerous unborn child to mutate into Warpies, powered and sometimes explosive children.[1]

Mutantes Sans Frontières was sent there to take care of the children, and the X-Men to investigate on this "mutant" bloom. There, they found Mbangawian soldiers intending to kill all the Warpies on Doctor Crocodile's orders. After a tense, N'dingi decided to listen to the mutants.[2]

The Jaspers was then found by the X-Men and Doctor Crocodile's men, but quickly, coming though a Ghost Box, Furies, beings from an alternate universe came then to terminate Jim. They were all killed except for one with false memories of having complete his mission implanted by Emma Frost.[3]

The X-Men promised Mutantes Sans Frontières's help to take care of the children and Joshua N'Dingi accepted, before terminating the young Jaspers and ordering the evacuation of the civilian from Karere, except for the Warpies and the M.S.F. workers and doctors.[4]


Former residents

  • Jim Jaspers in the adjacent woods. [1]
  • Formerly several people, including farmers and doctors, evacuated.

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