Similar to that of his Earth-616 counterpart's until Brent Jackson took over Weapon X. Sauron eventually betrayed Jackson to Malcolm Colcord.[1]

During a Sentinel attack on the X-Men, he and Mesmero snuck into the mansion and used their combined hypnosis powers to take control of Professor Xavier and threatened to make him kill himself, forcing the X-Men to surrender. After the X-Men were killed by the Sentinels, they also killed Mesmero and Wild Child but spared him because he was not a mutant.[2]

When the Weapon X program mass produced the Sentinel program, he was assigned to monitor the Sentinels. Growing tired of his position, he leaked information to the mutant resistance in hopes they would overthrow the program, but the information was false and resulted in the deaths of the Avengers and their allies. He was shot in the head by Malcolm for his betrayal.[3]


Seemingly those of Karl Lykos (Earth-616)#Powers.

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