Quote1 Do not attempt to order me around with the same contemptuous tone you employ with The Mutates Tyrax. I have joined forces with you not because I desire to be led by the nose as they do... but as a peer, so when you fix this machine, you can cure me of the malady that curses me to half an existence... the persistence of my human half, Karl Lykos! Quote2
-- Sauron src
Karl Lykos (Earth-7642) from Badrock Wolverine Vol 1 1 002

As Karl Lykos

Karl Lykos seemingly had a similar history as his Earth-616 counterpart. After becoming Sauron, Karl joined the Savage Land Mutates.


The Savage Land Mutates were taken over by Tyrax, who used them to recreate and prefect Magneto's equipment as well as guard Arcadia. Sauron only went along with it because he hoped the Mutagenic Machine could erase his human DNA. When Sauron learned that Tyrax used it on dinosaurs to create Dinosauroids, he attacked him for breaking their deal. During the fight; Badrock, Ka-Zar, Wolverine, and Zabu stormed Arcadia. Tyrax used the distraction to escape and Sauron turned back into Karl. Lykos then helped the heroes defeat the Savage Land Mutates and reverted the Dinosauroids.[1]


Seemingly those of the Karl Lykos of Earth-616.


Seemingly those of the Karl Lykos of Earth-616.

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