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Karl Mordo was one of the Masters of the Mystic Arts based in Kamar-Taj, Nepal.

Mordo served closely to the Ancient One, the Sorcerer Supreme. He'd normally be allowed to enter her chambers unannounced, be the one to report to her when needed, and be the one to accompany her on delicate missions.

One day, Mordo heard that the Bow and Arrow of Apollon had been stolen by bandits in Guizhou. He reported this to the Ancient One and eight hours later, they travelled to the town to confront the bandits. After deducing the limited ambition of the bandits' leader, Jião'ào Zhànshì, the Ancient One tried telling him to resist the temptation of the artifact's power. Zhànshì, however, was only triggered by her response, so he fired the arrow which caused a fight between the two sides. Mordo and the Ancient One quickly disposed of the bandits, and Zhànshì was forced to return the bow and arrow.[1]

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Skilled Martial Artist: Mordo is a highly skilled martial artist in both armed and hand-to hand combat.




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