Baron Karl Mordo is the evil sorcerer and arch enemy of Dr. Stephen Strange and is one of the big villains in the Masters of Evil. Baron Mordo is usually seen plotting with Enchantress, Loki, Ultron, and Dr. Doom about what to do with the Ultimate Alliance and what the next step of their plan is, ultimately being defeated by the Alliance near Raven's Peak.

First seen plotting with Dr. Doom along with Loki, Ultron, and Enchantress after the Ultimate Alliance finish their mission at Mandarin's Palace, Baron Mordo casts a spell causing the Orb of Teleportation to redirect it's course from Castle Doom to Murderworld. Later on, he is seen listening to Loki's want to destroy Thor and Enchantress' complaints about Thor having to die. Next, he is fought on the way to Raven's Peak with Ultron in which both are easily defeated and never seen again, although he is fought in the comic mission "Dr. Strange" as an ally of Mephisto.


Seemingly those of Karl Mordo (Earth-616)#Powers

Baron Mordo faced Ghost Rider under the employ of Mephisto.

It is unknown if Baron Mordo and Mephisto really are allies or if Mephisto merely took control of his mind.

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Powers and Abilities

Seemingly the same as the powers Karl Mordo (Earth-616) has.