Karl Mordo (Earth-92131)

Baron Mordo.

Baron Mordo was the Ancient One's apprentice. However, Mordo plotted to destroy his master and take his place, but the Ancient One was ready for his betrayal and defeated him. A visiting Stephen Strange witnessed the battle, and was then taken on as the Ancient One's new sidekick, and the two vowed to defeat Mordo and the evil demon, Dormammu. Mordo's first attempt to free Dormammu was to acquire the Wand of Watoomb, but the plan was foiled by Doctor Strange, Wong, and Spider-Man.

The second attempt to free Dormammu saw Mordo guide the probe which contained the Venom symbiote back to Earth in order for it to re-bond with Eddie Brock, who stole inter-dimensional technology from Stark Enterprises. Initially, Eddie agreed to serve Dormammu, but defected. However, Venom's spawn Carnage was deemed sufficient for the assignment, and stole the technology as well as drained enough human life force to replace Dormammu in his dimension. Just as Dormammu was about to be freed, Spider-Man, Venom, and Iron Man arrived and stopped Mordo and Dormammu, as well as banished Carnage to Dormammu's Realm.


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