Karl Stragg was a criminal cyberneticist imprisoned for murdering his wife,[1] and cell-mate of Ox. He managed to trick the Ox into helping him escape from prison under the pretense that he would make him smarter. In reality, after Ox broke them out of prison, Stragg exchanged their bodies, giving himself the Ox's strength while keeping his intelligence and leaving the mentally limited Ox in Stragg's weak body.[2]

Stragg, the new Ox, rampaged through the city and kidnapped Karen Page when she recognized him as Ox. Daredevil happened to be passing by at the time and tried to stop Stragg, but was easily subdued by the man's unexpected intelligence combined with his strength. After imprisoning Karen in his lab with the original Ox, Stragg was knocked unconscious by his old cell-mate and the two prisoners escaped. Karl Stragg went on a rampage in the city again, and was again confronted by Daredevil. However, this time he was killed when during the fight, he accidentally fell from a rooftop.[2]

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