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Karli Morgenthau was one of the many orphans raised by "Mama Donya" Madani. When the Blip happened, and half of the population of the Earth disappeared, Karli finally got a chance for better life. Unfortunately, when the Blip was undone, Karli lost everything she had and ended up on the streets. Feeling abandoned by the government yet again, she went to Madripoor, contacted the Power Broker and willingly became a test subject for the recreated Super-Soldier Serum. Successfully getting the superhuman strength, Karli became the Power Broker's muscle, until she saw her newfound strength as a chance to change the world. She stole remaining vials of Serum and escaped from Madripoor.[2]

Karli gave some of the Serum to her friends and together they created the Flag Smashers movement to help internationally displaced refuges and force world governments to take care about them as well and not only about people who returned after the Blip was undone.[3]

Unfortunately, nothing they did affected the world the way they wanted. Treated as terrorists, several of them were killed. In the last desperate attempt, Flag Smashers kidnapped world leaders to use them as hostages. Their mission failed due to the efforts of Sam Wilson, Bucky Barnes, John Walker and Sharon Carter. Cornered, Karli refused the offer to return to Madripoor and work again for Power Broker. Trying to escape, she almost killed Sam Wilson and was eventually gunned down by Sharon Carter.[1]




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