Quote1.png I am Magister Karnak of the Tower of Wisdom. I teach. I take time and care to teach the people of this world one ultimate, vital truth. I teach them that they are nothing. And you change people with... a gesture? A thought? You grant fantastic powers to things that are nothing with a word. And why do you do it? Because. They. Want. It. You disgust me. You betray the very nature of the universe. You just can't give them something because they want it-- Quote2.png
-- Magister Karnak

Appearing in "The Flaw In All Things: Part 6"

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Synopsis for "The Flaw In All Things: Part 6"

  • Synopsis not yet written.

Solicit Synopsis

• The end of "The Flaw In All Things."

• Karnak has it in his lethal hands to save humanity - or end it. And nobody knows what he's going to do.

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