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Karun Patel was a personal assistant of the Kingo, an Eternal who posed as a long dynasty of famous actors. After discovering his immortality, Karun initially thought Kingo to be Vampire and tried to kill him. However, after learning the truth he was forgiven and became Kingo's trusted assitant for over fifty years.

In 2023 Kingo was visited by his fellow Eternals Ikaris, Sprite and Sersi, who informed him that Ajak was killed by Deviants and they needed to find the others. Kingo took them on his private jet to Australia where Gilgamesh and Thena lived. At the time, he ordered Karun to bring in camera and begin making a documentary about the Eternals. While in Australia, Sersi talked to Arishem the Judge, who revealed to her that the true role of the Eternals was preparing the worlds to be destroyed in the Emergence of new Celestials, which would soon be the case with Tiamut on Earth. Deciding to try and postpone the end of the world, the Eternals went to see Druig in the Amazon, with Karun coming along, refusing to sit out in the face of the end of the world. When an attack by the Deviants left Gilgamesh killed, Karun spoke at the funeral ceremony held for him. The Eternals then traveled to the Domo in Iraq, where Ikaris was revealed as the one behind Ajak's death, being loyal to Arishem and their cause of awakening Tiamut. Kingo believed in the same cause but refused to fight the others and left, with Karun following him after saying a heartwarm farewell to the Eternals.[1]



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