Kashmir Vennema joined the Vennema Multiversal and travelled to Earth-616. Here, she began to work at the Damocles Research Facility where she discovered the Dire Wraith/Saurian Hybrids that Stegron had created and began to experiment on them when she wanted to seemingly weaponize them. Vennema introduced herself to Captain America and Hawkeye when they went to the San Andres mountains in search of missing environmentalist. Taking them to the facility she convinced the two heroes into investigating the creatures under her facility. While they were discovering the truth, Kash attempted to move the corpse of one the creatures to a new facility but was interpretted by the hybrids attempting to escape and consume the world. She joined Cap and Hawkeye in stopping them. She approached Stegron in the Saurians' empty underground city and handed a vial with an unknown substance to him that could make all his dreams come true.[1] Her fate after thiss remains unknown.


Pym Particles, "The Harvester", Stark Technology

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