This Kashmir's fronted an all-girl metal band, whose father never approved. At some point she was recruited into the Vennema Multiversal, who attempted to obtain technology to move from one reality to another for profit. [1]

At some point, Kashmir traveled to Earth-616 in an attempt to steal the Harvester Protocol contracted with Earth-616's M.O.D.O.K. and Batroc's Brigade to assist her. The group traveled to Madripoor to a weapon's expo to obtain the harvester. Here she met Captain America who was disguised who recognized Kashmir's face, however she did not recognize him (since that was Kashmir from an alternate reality. The auction for the Harvester was interrupted by the Batroc's Brigade, who intended to steal it and Cap and Iron Man fought the group. Kashmir retrieved the Harvester Protocol and revealed her alliance with Batroc and told him the mission parameters had changed: If he got her out of there safely, he would be paid double. She activated the Harvester Protocol and deactivated Iron Man's armor and group knocked Cap down, who was currently shield-less. Kashmir concluded her test of the Harvester and Kashmir and the Brigade departed.[2]

Later, Iron Man and Captain America tracked her down and she, alongside M.O.D.O.K., A.I.M. agents, and Batroc's Brigade, confronted them.[3] Using the Harvester she retroactively made a gauntlet based on Iron Man's and fired a repulsor blast at them, but Cap deflected it with his shield. The groups fought with Cap and Iron Man taking out all of the Brigade as Kashmir fled and attempted to return to the Multiversal group. Cap followed and she re-activated the Harvester, and was ordered her to shut it down, but she told him it was too late for that and Madripoor's technology began to fall apart. Captain America captured Kashmir as Iron Man used his technology to create an anti-virus and stopped the Harvester.[3]

After being captured she was interorgated by Captain America and Hawkeye, who had each met her alternate. Who both agreed she looked like the other Kash but something was different. Hawkeye however, thought Cap was paranoid about there being different Kash until she let it slip she was from an alternate reality. She seemingly planned to inform them of everything but they had to promise to protect her.[1]


Harvester Protocal

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