Kashmir was a member of the Vennema Multiversal who, at some point, decided she wanted to leave and start a new life. In retaliation, the Multiversal killed her family. After this, she freed several alternate universe brainwashed operatives, including Black Widow of Earth-21611 who sent out to assassinate several Kashmirs. After Black Widow, Captain America of Earth-616, and Black Widow of Earth-616 were sent to Earth-12128, they were attacked by the Multiversal Hunt Squad and were rescued by this Kash and her group. She took the group to the Vennema Multiversal HQ in an attempt to shut it down. As Kash's agents fought Vennema Multiversal's brainwashed agents, the invading force breached the gate to Vennema Multiversal, and Black Widow-21611 killed the Inner Council while Kash escaped along with several others while Captain America rescued more brainwashed troops. Kash started a new Vennema Multiversal alongside three other Kashmirs and set off to begin more money making schemes.[1]

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