Kasyckla was a Frost Giant who participated in the invasion of Midgard. Landing in Manhattan, Kasyckla destroyed buildings and cars until he came upon the vigilante known as the Punisher.

An explosion occurred after Castle threw two grenades underneath Kasyckla's foot which caused him to get hurt. Kasyckla was then about to pick up a truck to throw at Castle but he set up a lighter and cut the brake lines which lead to another explosion but this time in Kasyckla's face.

Kasyckla (Earth-616) from War of the Realms Punisher Vol 1 1 002

Kasyckla getting his face blown off.

Kasyckla became enraged at the Punisher so he grabbed a moving car with a family inside and threw it at a light post with it blowing up. Kasyckla killed the family and presumably the Punisher which allowed him to leave the area thinking he had won. But Castle survived and looked for the family but to no avail.[1]


  • Frost Giant Physiology: As a Frost Giant, Kasyckla possesses superhuman strength and some resistance to physical injury. He was able to pick able cars with no problem and had explosives blown in his face causing minor damage.[1]

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