Following the apparent demise of Silver Sable, Symkaria's last living royal Countess Katarina Karkov rose to power as monarch.[3] She allied herself with Norman Osborn and exploited the resources of Symkaria, turning the country into a weapons-making war machine for Osborn's Goblin Army, enslaving Symkaria's people in the process.

She accompanied Osborn to the demonstration of the Kingslayer Mark 1 in Hong Kong, which saw the unexpected participation of Spider-Man and Silver Sable. Osborn and Karkov escaped while leaving the Kingslayer to deal with Spider-Man and Silver Sable.[1]

When Silver Sable and Spider-Man invaded Symkaria with the intention to overthrow its current leaders, Sablinova confronted Countess Karkov and defeated her in a fencing duel.[4]


Expert Swordswoman: According to herself, Countess Kravok was trained to be the best fencer in Europe.[4]

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