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Kate Bishop was a student at the Brooklyn Visions Academy, and classmate of Miles Morales. One year after Miles' mother died, Kate and Miles began dating.[1] She was unaware that Miles was the new Spider-Man, although he cared about her enough to contemplate telling her about his secret identity. She was shown to have survived the events of Cataclysm, seen kissing Miles in a stairway.[2]

When Miles decided to reveal to her that he was Spider-Man, she ran away from him and stopped talking to him.[3] After watching Spider-Man fight the Green Goblin on the news, Katie goes to bed, her parents wishing her goodnight before revealing themselves to be members of Hydra.[4] Some time later, Miles visited her house, where Katie's father drugged him and revealed himself to be a member of Hydra.[5] Miles was then taken to a secret Hydra lab in warehouse in Staten Island for experimentation under the charge of Doctor Doom. In the end, upon seeing Miles being tortured by Doom and her father, Katie regret herself.[6] After Miles managed to defeat his captors and the Young Ultimates arrived to rescue him, Miles officially broke up with Kate and Dagger knocked her out.[7]

She likely died when her reality's Earth collided with the Earth of Earth-616 during the last incursion[8] but was brought back to life along with everyone else in Earth-1610 when the reality was restored back into existence.[9]


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