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Quote1.png Some people actually call me the world's greatest archer. Quote2.png
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Kate Bishop is a daughter of wealthy socialites Derek and Eleanor Bishop. At the age of ten, she lost her father during the Battle of New York amidst the Chitauri invasion. At the same time, she also witnessed Clint Barton in action, inspiring her to take up archery for herself. Over the next twelve years, she trained in and became proficient not only with bow and arrow, but also swords and martial arts, having won a number of prestigious awards.[2]

In late December of 2024 Kate returned home to New York only to learn that Eleanor and her boyfriend Jack Duquesne were engaged. Attending a charity gala, Kate had a conversation with Jack's uncle Armand and followed him and Jack to an underground auction were items recovered from the New Avengers Facility were being sold. The auction as interrupted by a Tracksuit Mafia attack, and Kate stole the Ronin's suit and used to fend off several of the attackers, while also rescuing a stray dog. After dropping the dog at her apartment, she went to investigate Armand's suspicions about Jack, only to find Armand murdered in his home. Leaving the scene, she was cornered by the Tracksuit Mafia, but was rescued by the most unlikely help - Hawkeye himself.[2]

Having suffered some scratches and bruises during the battle, Kate took Clint to her apartment, only realizing too late that the Tracksuits have already followed her there, now thinking that she was the same Ronin who terrorized them during the five years of the Blip. The Tracksuits set her apartment on fire, forcing Kate and Clint out with only the dog and leaving the suit behind. Kate then picked the apartment of her aunt who was in Florida as a hiding place, where Clint looked after her wounds and ordered her to stay put. Failing to recover Ronin's suit from the scene of the fire, Clint escorted Kate to her workplace at Bishop Security the next morning to ensure she was not being followed and gave her his phone number for emergency use.[4]

That evening, Kate had a dinner with her mother and Jack, her suspicions of him only growing until he offered her a butterscotch with Armand's monogram - the same one Kate saw at his home where he was murdered. Now convinced that Jack was the killer, Kate tried calling Clint, only to have one of the Tracksuits answer, revealing that they had taken him captive. Kate used her Bishop Security clearance to track his phone down and attempted a dramatic rescue - only to fall flat on her face in front of an entire armed gang.[4]



  • Expert Archer: Kate is proficient with a bow and arrow, having won several prestigious awards.[2]
  • Swordsmanship: Kate is a two-time state champion in fencing and is familiar with several different types of swords.[4]
  • Martial Arts[citation needed]
  • Acrobatics[citation needed]


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