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Stealing from the rich, Lady Kate could not pass up an opportunity to steal from the Punisher Sheriff. Allied with her friends Teddy and Billy, she stole her way into the God Doom's Cathedral in her native domain of King James' England, but this trap, set by the Punisher Sheriff himself in order to capture thieves such as she, resulted in her using herself as a distraction so that her friends could escape the judgment of the God Emperor Doom while she herself was sent to The Shield for her crimes against authority.[1]

At the Shield, she met and befriended Miss America, while serving on its walls as a member of the Hel-Rangers.[2] Though serving for a time, she escaped with Miss America when Ben Grimm broke free of the Shield after the motivation of Thanos, leaving a gaping hole in its defenses.[3]

Chavez and Lady Katherine left the Shield via Chavez's star portal, heading through the realms of Battleworld in search of pizza.[4]



  • Archery: Lady Kate is a master archer, though she cannot take on an army on her own.
  • Thievery



  • Smoke Bombs


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