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Frustrated with superheroes getting all the praise in the press, Kat was interested in spotlighting heroes without powers like firefighters and police officers. Instead she was forced to cover "capes", the word she uses to describe superpowered humans derogatorily.[1]

Kat Farrell

When covering the murders of six supervillains, Kat uncovered the mysterious Judge (Michael Hart). While the police thought Judge Hart had either killed his wife or was murdered along with her.[2] Kat discovered that the Tinkerer had been trying to frame Judge, and in the process had accidentally killed his wife and mortally wounded Michael. He took him back and attempted resurrection, it worked but through unknown means he gained supernatural powers and lost all memory of in the incident. The pair teamed up to pass judgement on criminals, being responsible for the deaths Kat was investigating.[3]

Undeterred by Paul Swanson breaking into her apartment and killing Kat's goldfish in an attempt to scare her off the case[4] she carried on investigating. After learning the truth she decided not to publish her story to protect Judge Hart.[3]

Recently, Kat participated in the investigation of fellow journalist Terri Kidder's death. She was first on the scene to interview Luke Cage when he outed Norman Osborn as the Green Goblin.[5] Farrell also accompanied fellow Bugle employees Ben Urich and Jessica Jones when the latter was searching for Cage after he was attacked and went missing as a result of his role in Nick Fury's Secret War.[6]



Kat is an excellent journalist.

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