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Kathy Ling (Earth-148611) from Untold Tales of the New Universe Psi-Force Vol 1 1 001.jpg

Kathy Ling was a spoiled rich girl who cared for little except shopping and shoes until the White Event gave her the paranormal ability of telekinesis. Finding herself compelled by a psychic 'push' from rogue CIA operative Emmett Proudhawk to run away from home and join the group of paranormal kids he was gathering together, Ling relunctantly joined this 'Psi-Force' but was horrified to find that she had become psychically linked to them through the entity known as the Psi-Hawk (a manifestation of the by then dead Proudhawk) and could not leave them to return home. Her one attempt to do so resulted in the rest of the group being forced by an irresistable compulsion to track her down again. Ling resented this and hated her powers, which she considered made her a freak, but eventually came to accept both her condition and the group. She, along with several fellow members of Psi-Force, spent some time incarcerated at the Russian facility called the Siberian Project before eventually becoming an operative of the covert group known as the Medusa Web, though Ling was unhappy with this and considered leaving. She and Wayne Tucker were the only members to remain with Psi-Force for the entire duration of their adventures.[citation needed]



  • Telekinesis: Kathy had the paranormal power of telekinesis.


Kathy Ling had had military training.

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