Kathy Ling is a member of Philip Vogt's Troubleshooters, a task force assigned with monitoring the Ultimates without their knowledge.

She was present when her boss was recording an audio log on Alison Green's arrest by Captain Marvel, and commented on Vogt's remarks.[1]


Psi-Force Manipulation: Kathy Ling owes her superhuman abilities to a connection with the Psi-Force.[2]

  • Technokinesis: Kathy Ling's Psi-Force manifests as the ability to interact with complex machinery using solely the power of her mind.[3]


Ranged Combatant: Kathy Ling is the member of the Troubleshooters expert on ranged combat.[1]


Ling's powers can be disrupted by a blow to the head and even render them unusable for a period of time.[4]


Codename: Spitfire Armor: A telekinetic armor used by Ling for combat. It possesses no operating system as it's connected with Ling's mind through direct psi-control with her powers.[3]

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