Not much is known about the history of this incarnation of Katie Power/Energizer. She is the second daughter and youngest child of James Power and Margaret Craig.

She is one of the youngest superheroes ever on her Earth, and the one who most often acts like her age. She is very fond of her stuffed toys, Saturday morning cartoons (especially SpongeBob), and ponies, accidentally mistaking Beta Ray Bill for one when she and her siblings visited Asgard[1]. She hates robots however.[2]

She was at one point influenced by a 'virus' caused by the Venom Symbiote which affected her costume, and under its influence she teamed up with the Sinister Six against Spider-Man.[3]


Seemingly those of Katherine Power (Earth-616)#Powers. So far, she has only demonstrated the energy powers identical to those originally bestowed upon her Earth-616 counterpart. It is unknown if she ever switched powers with her siblings like her Earth-616 counterpart did.

Strength level

Regular kid her age who exercises frequently.


Power Pack Uniforms

  • Katie suffers from coulrophobia, the fear of clowns.[4]

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