Katie is the second daughter and youngest child of the Power Family. She received her powers shortly before the events of the movie from an unnamed alien (most likely this reality's version of Aelfyre Whitemane) when the time came for him to pass them on. Shortly afterwards, the family moved to a new neighborhood.

Of the four kids, Katie was the one who had the most trouble with adapting to her new home, missing the families old house by the beach. Julie promises her that they would make lots of new friends. She was proven right when, by the end of the movie, two neighbors that Katie watched earlier ask her out to play.

Katie asssited her 2 brothers in returning a medallion that Jack stole from a haunted house back to its proper location in order to get rid of the spirit of Dr. Mobius, that was haunting their house.

Powers and Abilities


Katie can absorb energy into her body and release it again in the form of energy balls or lightning. The full extent of this power is yet unknown. Unlike most other incarnations of the character, her energy balls and lightning can be yellow or purple in color rather than only yellow. Another difference is that she does not generate the balls from herself, but instead she takes an object -such as a toy- and turns it into a floating energy ball. She can turn this off without damaging the item.

Katie can also shoot a disintegrator bolt from her finger.

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