Early Days

Katherine "Kitty" Pryde was born to Theresa Pryde, a strong, independent single mother. One day, Kitty's phasing abilities manifested after being upset that her mom prevented her from attending a party with her friends. Kitty uncontrollably phased through her apartment, a neighbor's lower floor, out of the building, through a bus, and finally into the sewers. Kitty's mom was quick to seek help from Professor Charles Xavier, leader of the X-Men. Xavier was eager to have the bright girl, but her mother would only allow her to attend Xavier's School under one condition: that young Katherine would not take part in any X-Men missions, nor train in the "Danger Room." Xavier agreed and Kitty was quickly enrolled in the school.[citation needed]

X-Men Days

Tour & Meeting the Team

X-Men's Marvel Girl, Jean Grey, picked up Kitty and gave her the tour of the Xavier Institute and introduced their members. As they toured the school, Kitty was curious about how Jean meet Xavier and she told how she, Cyclops, and Storm came to the school after Xavier found them (see individual X-Men profiles for complete history). Kitty was quickly impressed at the exciting courses that the school covers (flight lessons, drive, jet ski, and disarming nukes). While walking down the hall, Kitty found Colossus carrying an injured Wolverine after a drug-bust operation. Kitty was worried about Logan's bullet wounds, but Colossus assured her that his healing abilities would restore him to fighting-fit by the time they were scheduled for the Danger Room. Jean couldn't introduce Beast due to his private nature, but she briefly gave her the summary of events between Beast and Storm, including Iceman's departure. After seeing all the X-Men offered, Kitty was eager to join; she returned home to pack to move into the institute the following day, bunking in with Storm as her roommate.[citation needed]

Hitching to the Savage Lands

Kitty was an eager student and she quickly decided on Shadowcat as a codename for herself. She was so ambitious to prove hers that she wanted to accompany Cyclops and Wolverine on a mission to the Savage Land, but Cyclops rebuked her. Ignoring him, Kitty stowed away on the Blackbird (using her phasing powers to throw off her scent to Logan) and showed herself when Cyclops and Wolverine landed. The pair immediately sent her back to the jet to wait, however Kitty ignored Cyclops' orders and ventured into Magneto's old base, coming across Wolverine and Cyclops just as they were going to be attacked by the manifestation of Magneto's super-computer. Kitty inadvertently phased through the robot, destroying it instantly and allowing the X-Men to escape; Cyclops never made it back to the Blackbird.[citation needed]

Magneto's Return & Becoming Fugitives

Not long after, the government decided to arrest and detain the X-Men because of Magneto. Xavier had faked his death earlier in attempt to rehabilitate his mind; The Brotherhood tricked Beast to reveal that Magneto didn't die, only his mind was manipulated to live as a normal civilian. After Magneto's mind was restored, his public return resulted in SHIELD arresting Xavier for his actions. To avoid capture, the X-Men took refuge in a safe house. The temporary shelter belongs to a family that has been mentally manipulated by Marvel Girl so that the X-Men would be invisible to their eyes. With Prof X detained by SHIELD, it was up to the X-Men to covertly investigate recent events.[citation needed]

While inside their Connecticut safe house, Kitty told Beast she felt more secure in a hideout with Storm's old contacts in Harlem than stay in this family house; Beast pointed out investigations tend to lead to their past connections and it was better for them here. Kitty then saw Jean distraught after learning that Scott never made it back home. She then asked Kitty in hopes that her account of the event would reveal something, but Kitty herself never saw Scott's "final moments" and Jean suspects Logan had something to do with Scott's fall.[citation needed]

Not long after, Magneto appeared before the X-Men in a hologram. He offered the X-Men a chance of membership with the Brotherhood and his intentions of using a doomsday device against humanity to wage war. He warned the X-Men they had 7 days to consider his offer and he vanished. The X-Men decided to take the offensive by finding out more information from SHIELD.[citation needed]

Jean telepathically coordinated a SHIELD infiltration mission for data. Bobby disabled all the security cameras while Kitty used her phasing powers to infiltrate a secret SHIELD base in Texas to gather intelligence. Of all the time to seriously consider Magneto's words, Kitty talked about siding with the Brotherhood, but Jean pointed out the flaws of her decision to defect the other side.[citation needed]

Some time later, Cyclops sent a message to the X-Men for them to find him. The X-Men crashed into Magneto's Citadel with their X-Wing and attacked the Brotherhood. While the X-Men were busy fighting, Kitty tried to disarm the doomsday weapon; she wasn't successful in time to stop it. Magneto cause a nuclear meltdown in Miami's nuclear facility to pollute the eastern side of the US. Jean then used her Phoenix powers to telepathically contain the threat and the group had Magneto arrested.[citation needed]

Soon after, the Kitty and the rest of the group watched as Scott confronted Logan for his actions in the Savage Land; he did in fact left Cyclops behind for dead so he could get close to Jean. Kitty watched as Logan accepted the consequences and Scott used his optic blast to severly burn Logan for what he did; Wolverine was kicked out of the team, but he eventually returned after Scott realizes this arrangement will make things worst. With Magneto in SHIELD's custody, the X-Men were exonerated of all charges and resumed their lives.[citation needed]

Geldoff & Spider-Man

Kitty, Storm, and Marvel Girl were later dispatched to Queens to pick up a mutant. When they arrived, Kitty and the girls found Spider-Man with their target, Geldoff. Because Geldoff feared mutants, he fainted. After having a telepathic discussion with Prof X, they decided to take Geldoff to the Xavier institute for them to observe Geldoff. Kitty then asked for Peter to join them to see X-Men HQ to meet Prof X. When Peter agreed, Kitty was ecstatic as she shown clear signs of attraction to Spider-Man.[citation needed]

While on the X-Wing, Kitty asked how Spider-Man had half a costume; Peter explained that he lost his previous one and had half one made before stopping Geldoff. Kitty suggested a backup costume, but Peter lost that one as well. Peter then enquired how does the X-Men get their costumes; Kitty herself wasn't sure when Geldoff awakened. Still afraid of the mutants, he panicked and damaged the cockpit of the X-Wing.[citation needed]

The vacuum was pulling everyone out of the plane and Spider-Man had Kitty hold onto him. As Peter held tightly onto Kitty, she wondered how did he's able to hold on without getting sucked out; Peter explained he had the ability to stick to surfaces. Peter couldn't hold onto the surface anymore and flew out the X-Wing; he was saved by Jean Grey and Storm salvaged the X-Wing.[citation needed]

Back at the X-Manor, the X-Men had stripped down Peter for a full physical examination to make sure Peter was okay. When Peter awakened, Kitty was only further interested in Peter after realizing they are of the same age. Peter was upset at the fact now everyone knows his secret identity is Peter Parker; the X-Men laughed as they never inquired his name nor ID his face.[citation needed]

After learning of Geldoff is a form of enhanced human, not entirely a true mutant, Prof X intends to take this matter to the public about illegal human experimentation. Kitty then offered Peter a ride back home. Peter only then realized he was running very late and hitched a ride from the X-Men to head home.[citation needed]

Soldiers of Weapon X

Kitty later assisted Wolverine against a disgruntled group of former Weapon X soldiers. After they were dismissed and were unhappy they dedicated their lives against Wolverine, only to be forgotten. Spider-Man contacted the X-Men that Wolverine was being attacked and they arrived with the Blackbird to assist. After bringing Logan back home, they nursed him to health.[citation needed]

The following day Kitty and the X-Men were having some dinner. The situation was awkward as nobody knew what to say to Logan after all that's happened. Even though Wolverine was re-invited back into the X-Men, Logan remained distant with the team. Not long, Kitty ran outside to find a helicopter destroyed. She later learned that Jean's Phoenix powers activated and killed everyone on board, the former weapon X soldiers. To prevent further attacks, the X-Men decided to take the offensive and Kitty joined the assault.[citation needed]

Kitty and the rest of the X-Men found where the former weapon X soldiers were hiding and attacked. The lead female soldier killed herself as she rather die than be interrogated. Kitty can only watch in horror as the woman blew her brains out and watch Wolverine agonize without any answers. Not long, Dugan of SHIELD arrived. Kitty only observed the situation as the rest of the group talked with Dugan.[citation needed]

Dugan informed the X-Men they were was supposed to not interfere in this matter; there was a mis-communication as the group nothing about stand down orders. He then explained that when the X-Men came into the public eye, it created an anti-mutant movement, secretly within the government. Because of Logan's past, this stirred up bitter feelings and it lead to recent events such as Logan getting chased down by former weapon X soldiers. Dugan warned that slavery once split the nation in two and that mutants might lead the next wave as well. Kitty and the rest of the X-Men returned home as SHIELD cleaned up the dead bodies.[citation needed]

Meeting Angel & Recruiting Dazzler

On a warm summer day, Kitty and the X-Men were having a small BBQ party. Kitty was taking a tan with Storm when Prof X introduced a handsome Warren Worthington III (aka Angel); Kitty actually claimed "dibs" on Warren as he got acquainted with everyone. Rogue had to point out the biblical dangers of seeing an Angel before them, however the rest of the group dismissed it as superstition. Not long after, a public media frenzy came over the institute as Beast informed people at a forum that they have an Angel living at the institute; Kitty and the rest of the X-Men weren't happy with such unwanted attention. The frenzy eventually died as Angel himself explained he's a winged mutant, not of the biblical kind.[citation needed]

Sometime later, at a meeting, Prof X mentioned a new mutant going public through musical entertainment; Ali Blaire, aka The Dazzler. Prof X assigned Kitty and Scott to recruit Ali as she might misuse her abilities. Afterwards, Kitty and Scott attended to her concert; she was part of a grunge/metal band; Kitty actually liked her music. Kitty approached Ali for an autograph and she "signed" it by spitting into the piece of paper. The duo then tried to recruit her into the X-Men, but Ali wasn't interested. She then mentioned another group also attempted to recruit her, but she's only willing to join if they can arrange a record deal for her. Kitty and Scott left to report their recruitment was a failure.[citation needed]

Beast's Departure & Presidential Coup d'état

Beast left the X-Men. Without leaving a hint to anyone, he packed and left to joined the Academy of Tomorrow. Kitty and the team talked about his sudden departure, trying to understand his reasons for leaving as Storm reflects her emotions by creating a powerful lighten storm. Later, Nick Fury of SHIELD arrived to inform the X-Men about national matters that affects them.[citation needed]

Fury told Xavier and the team that there's an unknown anti-mutant faction within the president's ranks; they intend to destroy the X-Men as they believe Xavier is telepathically manipulating the president. He also informed him that the president is creating distance with the X-Men to divert attention from his enemies; Beast is now part of the president's new mutant education campaign, led by Emma Frost, leader of the Academy of Tomorrow; the X-Men decided to investigate.[citation needed]

Kitty was part of the crowd to observe the president's announcement of his new mutant education program. While watching, a civilian identified Kitty as part of the X-Men and gave her a compliment when a Sentinel appeared before them; Xavier scrambled the X-Men to protect the president. The Sentinels fired upon the President and the mutants. While the Sentinels missed on the president, Beast wasn't so lucky, he was mortally wounded. Storm went into an emotional rage and destroyed one of the Sentinels using the might of a powerful thunderbolt; she was subsequently knocked out by Prof X due to lack of control.[citation needed]

One Sentinel down, there was still another one fully functional. Kitty had Nightcrawler teleport her right above the Sentinal's head, using her phasing powers to disrupt the internal electronics of the behemoth machine. After foiling the coup, the X-Men returned home and performed a funeral for Beast. At Beast's wake, Kitty and the X-Men watched the news about the recent attack in DC.[citation needed]

Mr. Sinister's Killspree

After Beast's death, life resumed normally, except for Storm. One day, Kitty decided to take a swim at the pool; to Kitty's dismay, Bobby froze the pool into a ice ring to spend time with Rogue. Kitty couldn't tolerate their time bonding together and decided to head back to her room. While trying to get back into her room, Kitty was worried as Storm became suspiciously quiet. Kitty phased through to find the room trashed and shocked to find Storm with a radical hair cut and goth-like image.

Some time later, Prof X assembled the X-Men to bench the team, including Kitty; they are not to travel beyond the campus grounds. Xavier explained that man named Mr. Sinister, is killing mutants and wants the X-Men to exercise caution. The team objected against Xavier's decision, believing they're not helpless in this situation. Logan walked in to inform Xavier that Sinister isn't a great concern with NYPD as some feel better with one less mutant in the world; Xavier relented to have the senior team help track and arrest Sinister while Kitty, Angel, Iceman, and Rogue are benched.

Xavier later sent the junior team at the Danger Room, the benched team members battle holographic versions of the Brood while Bobby complained about boredom. Kitty was battling the holographic aliens by phasing through them when Ali appeared drunk (she recently joined the X-Men). Kitty and the rest of the team can only look in disgust at the drunkard Dazzler.

Marian Carlyle (Earth-1610) and Katherine Pryde (Earth-1610) from Ultimate X-Men Vol 1 49 0001

Kitty made a Rogue intangible, to save her from the bullets Mr. Sinister.

While the senior team hunted for Sinister throughout Manhattan, Mr. Sinister unexpectedly made his way to the institute. His abilities allow him to infiltrate the school completely undetected until the remaining X-Men realized they're in danger. Sinister threw Prof X off the staircase and shot Iceman to the floor. Sinister set his sights on Rogue, but Kitty phased Rogue to avoid getting hit. Kitty took Rogue to the lower floor and then checked on Bobby's status, he's alive.

Kitty then found Rogue, standing off with Sinister, with Sinister holding Dazzler hostage. Rogue wanted revenge for Bobby, but Kitty informed Bobby is alive. Angel tried to stop Rogue, but by touching her, Rogue grew a pair of wings. Rogue took advantage of her new-found flight abilities and grabbed Sinister away from Dazzler. Kitty can only watch and presumes the worst situation is about to happen; Rogue is going to drop Sinister mid-air; Rogue returned with a knocked out Sinister. Stormed had convinced Rogue for mercy and SHIELD arrested Sinister in the morning.

Bobby's Feelings & Rogue's Kidnapping

Kitty along with Iceman, Rogue, Colossus, Wolverine, Storm, and Dazzler had a night out of town at Coney Island's Astro-Land. While waiting at the bathroom, Kitty and Bobby argued over Rogue. Kitty mocked Rogue for taking her time in the bathroom. Bobby defended Rogue's honor and wanted to know Kitty's angst against Rogue; Kitty reasoned she's formally part of the Brotherhood, Weapon X, and tried to kill Sinister. Bobby argued that she was manipulated into those organizations and she has since reformed. Bobby then pointed that trying to kill Sinister was reasonable because Sinister tried to kill them; Kitty then mentioned the fact they can't be together since he and Rogue can't really touch each other. Bobby then strongly suspects her problems with Rogue is out of jealousy.

Kitty and Bobby then talked about the issues of being intimate with someone you can't touch. Bobby argued it wasn't a necessity, but Kitty can sense he feels differently with his shift in tone. Kitty then told Bobby he was scared of being part of a "real" relationship. In a un-expected surprise, Bobby kissed Kitty to shut her up. Kitty embraced Bobby's kiss and they began kissing passionately until Rogue burst out of the bathroom with fury over the sight. Rogue warned Kitty 3 seconds to turn intangible before she hits her. Kitty tried to explain herself, but Rogue seriously knocked out Kitty on the count of 3. Kitty was knocked out cold and Bobby tended to her and explained it was he who initiated the kiss. After Kitty recovered, she found out Rogue was kidnapped by Gambit; the X-Men returned to the school to reconnoiter with Prof X.

At the institute, Prof X had no luck in finding Rogue nor Gambit despite the scanning powers of Cerebro. Prof X had the team on stand-by and sortie as soon as Rogue is discovered. Kitty phased into the hanger to reminded Bobby of Prof X's orders; Bobby turned his frustrations on her, saying Kitty didn't care and happy that Rogue's gone. Bobby then claimed that Kitty tricked him into making out with him. Bobby's statement got the attention of Nightcrawler and Colossus; she definatly stated that it was Bobby that initiated the kiss. To had further frustration, Dazzler told Kitty not to worry as Bobby will settle for her after finding Rogue's corpse. Kitty then grabbed Ali by her hair and flung her to the ground for a "cat fight"; the situation was halted after Scott's intervention.

The team later tracked down Rogue. Prof X informed the team that Rogue, Gambit, and the Fenris are located at the Empire State Building. The team was confused over the Fenris and Angel explained they are billionaires that are possibly a incestuous couple; Kitty and Ali reacted in disgust. As they flew over the building, Ali pointed out there's a "light show" happening below them. Iceman was so impatient that he forced Nightcrawler to teleport him down first to find Rogue. Kitty tried to stop them, but Nightmare took Iceman into the building.

Kitty and the remaining team arrived when the fighting already ended. Kitty was there when Iceman found Rogue in the arms of Gambit. Rogue decided to leave the X-Men with Gambit, to try something different with her life. Kitty tried to comfort Bobby, but Bobby rebuked her. The X-Men sulked in the empty victory as Fenris was defeated, but they lost Rogue. Due to events that happened while Logan tried to rescue Rogue, Logan also left the team and Storm decided to tag along with Logan.

Investigating Krakoa & Longshot

Kitty recently caught something new on the net. Mojo Adams, a TV producer has created a mutant hunting reality TV show. To verify the legitimacy of the program, Kitty hacked into their subscription site to verify its authenticity. She then showed Jean and Scott the video, but the couple had their doubts of it being real. Kitty then pointed out Kraven the Hunter, saying he was real and hunted down people until her "boyfriend," Spider-Man canceled; Jean doubts Kitty actually hooked up with Spider-Man. Scott took the matter more seriously and decided to take this to the professor; Jean already telepathically informed him.

The team later had a meeting about this matter. Prof X verified Kitty's findings is indeed authentic. The person Kitty saw over the video is Arthur Centino (aka Longshot). He was recently found guilty for killing a Genoshan politician, Lord Joseph Scheele and was placed into Krakoa as means of government justice and public entertainment for his crime. The professor then goes into detail about Mojo, a media mogul that created the mutant hunting reality TV show. To Kitty's surprise, Mojo is technically a mutant, but merely an albino, not of the super-powered variety. Because of legality issues, Prof X wanted Kitty, Iceman, Scott, and Jean to pose as vacationers to investigate more about the situation.

At the airport, Kitty was unloading their luggage with Bobby. Kitty was disgusted with Scott and Jean as she pointed out they were "braining" (telepathic conversation) again. She pointed out how she knew because Scott starts to walk funny, but Bobby grunted at Kitty. Kitty had it with Bobby's attitude; she grabbed Bobby and told him she knows he blames her for Rogue leaving with Gambit and that grunting isn't going to bring her back; Kitty demanded respect, but Bobby grunted off at Kitty.

At Genosha airport, Scott was disgusted that all of Genosha is fixated at the show as if it was like Roman gladiators; Kitty pointed it was the equivalent of being American Idol. Bobby pointed their fixation is understandable as Longshot was responsible for the death for a political leader. Bobby pointed out his parent's fixation to the media when Jack Ruby shoot Lee Harvey Osborn; Kitty corrected Bobby, that it was Lee Harvey Oswald and that they're not even sure was Longshot truly responsible for Scheele's death. She also told Bobby he can't trust the same enforcers that round up an entire group of people for deportation, referencing to her grandparents (ref to WWII, treatment of the Nazis against the Jews). Bobby got mad again and told Kitty get off his case and don't need Kitty to "grill" him. Kitty mocked Bobby by saying his words are cool as Vanilla ice. Bobby threatened to freeze Kitty, calling her "sister," if she didn't shut up. Kitty assure she'll phase her head into a brick wall if they were siblings; Bobby argues that means Kitty will be in love with her own "brother." Jean telepathically told the two to knock it off and wished they both hook-up already; she re-focused on the fact they're on a mission and their fights risk blowing their cover.

After learning where Lord Scheele was killed, they arrived to the original site, where it was claimed that Scheele was killed; Jean couldn't detect any residual pyschic residue to suggest an actual murder taken place. Scott had Kitty phase through the lower layers of the murder site to find any possible forensic evidence and Bobby would freeze the evidence if any where discovered. Caught by surprise, Spiral appeared before them while Kitty was below. She knocked out Jean and demanded Bobby's and Scott's attention. Bobby and Scott engaged Spiral, Kitty took the chance to recover Jean; she inconveniently phased out of the ground in a failed attempt to assist, right before Spiral and she was knocked out. Jean then used her Phoenix powers to defeat Spiral. Kitty awakened after the battle ended; she was embarrassed at her performance, but Bobby felt she did great. Jean decided to interrogate Spiral for information as Kitty and the rest watched.

At nightfall, Spiral regained consciousness for interrogation. Iceman froze her body to keep her still as Kitty watch Jean prepare to enter her mind. Bobby mocked Spiral by calling "Octopussy"; Kitty laughed at Bobby's joke, apparently they're in good terms now. Through Jean's bond with Spiral's mind, the truth was known. Jean then telepathically replayed all that's happened. Kitty and the rest of team learned that Spiral had an affair with Lord Scheele behind Longshot's back and Scheele was killed by Longshot in a crime of passion. After knowing the truth, Kitty wondered why Spiral attacked them; Spiral reasoned she loved Scheele and didn't want his family to be involved if they investigated his murder. After discovering the truth, Kitty and the rest of the team returned back to New York, as Longshot was indeed guilty of murder. Since they have no jurisdiction over his fate, they returned home; they later found out Angel, Colossus, Dazzler, and Nightcrawler disobeyed orders and aided Longshot's escape.

Breaking up with Iceman

Some time has passed. Wolverine and Storm have since rejoined the X-Men and Kitty has been seeing Bobby in between Rogue's absence. One day, Kitty stormed around the campus in fury, looking for Bobby. Bobby had accidentally forwarded a copy of his e-mails with Rogue to Kitty, revealing that Bobby hasn't entirely forgotten Rogue. Kitty confronted Bobby at the Danger Room, screaming and demanded an explanation for Bobby's secret communications with Rogue; the whole X-Men now knows their business.

Bobby explained that Rogue would leave messages for Bobby from time-to-time. Bobby accused Kitty of hacking into his account, but Kitty explained he accidentally CCed his message to her mailbox. She then read out loud about Bobby missing Rogue and confessed he still have feelings for her; Bobby ripped the letter back into his hands. Kitty reminded Bobby that he assured he was over her and wanted to work things with Kitty; Bobby explained he wanted to figure out his feelings with her, but Kitty angrily felt she's nothing more than a placeholder for Rogue. She punched Bobby in the stomach and broke up with Bobby.

Stopping Havoc & Magneto's Escape

In a meeting at the McCoy Memorial Hall, Prof X informs Kitty and the team of Lorna Dane (aka Polaris). She recently lost control of her powers while attempting to rescue civilians in a fire, resulting in the deaths of several people and SHIELD had put her under arrest. Alex Summers (a student of Academy of Tomorrow, aka Havok, boyfriend to Polaris, and ex-girlfriend to Scott, sibling to Cyclops) has teamed up with his classmates in attempt to free Lorna from the Triskelion. Prof X instructed Scott, Storm, Wolverine, Nightcrawler, and Kitty to stop Alex's group for creating a national debacle; they boarded the X-Wing and intercepted Alex at the highway en-route to the Triskelion.

Nightcrawler stopped their car and it crashed into a pole. Cannonball came out of the car and charged Wolverine out of the battle. Cyclops had Shadowcat make the passengers intangible before they attack them. As Kitty complied with her orders, she mentions she wants to change her codename as it sounds like Neopets and wanted something more meaningful when Northstar used his flash-like speed to knock out Kitty before she noticed. Kitty and the rest of the team regrouped on board the X-Wing and flew over to the Triskelion to stop Alex and his team when they realized Magneto has escaped.

Magneto used his powers to shred the X-Wing apart and Kitty along with the rest of the X-Men fell downwards to the river. Kitty tried to use her phase powers to break her fall, but Iceman intercepted her before she hit the water. Kitty was impressed by Bobby's save; Bobby wondered if they're friends again, but Kitty wanted to consider that matter after the battle. As they reached land, they found Magneto holding Alex hostage. Unfortunately for Magneto, Scott's and Alex's abilities enhanced each other when they tried to hurt one another. Scott blasted through Alex (without hurting him) and Magneto was knocked out cold; Kitty was confused, but it was later understood of their brotherly relation complement each others powers.

SHIELD agents and Fury came to detain everyone. After Wolverine threatened to exposed one of Fury's secret operation (killing a radioactive mutant), Fury backed off and let them go. Although freed, Fury warned that the X-Men are no longer welcomed and are considered enemies of SHIELD. Just then, Angel came in and cried for help as Dazzler was hurt by Deathstrike earlier. Kitty became distraught and was comforted by Storm and Iceman as they tried to save her; Ali didn't die, but she ended up in a long term coma for her injuries. Unknown to everyone, Magneto escaped using the lucky powers of Longshot to take him to freedom as Mystique temporarily replaced him at the Triskelion without anyone knowing.

Dating Spider-Man

Kitty had been depressed over life recently. Colossus and Nightcrawler had Kitty dressed as the fair-maiden in need of rescue in the Danger Room, but she wasn't into it and left. At the BBQ party with the X-Men, she was upset that Bobby hasn't shown any signs of concern for her after their break-up. Kitty feels so alone and a loser that she stepped out of the party to be alone. Jean came to comfort Kitty, aware of her loneliness and need for a companion. Kitty told Jean that Bobby was a jerk for not liking her anymore; Jean pointed out to Kitty that she didn't seriously like him, but Kitty found comfort that Bobby liked her at one point.

Kitty then mentally thought of Spider-Man; Jean objected to the thought, believing it's not a good idea. Kitty argued she like Spider-Man so much. Kitty then deflected the subject, telling Jean invaded her mind, but Jean reasoned she was screaming it loudly in her mind. Kitty admitted she loves Spider-Man, but Jean argued Kitty doesn't even know him; just a guy in a costume. Kitty believed Spider-Man was more than a guy in a costume, but a good and cute guy. Jean still felt it wasn't a good idea, but Kitty insisted she wanted to talk to Peter Parker. Kitty then found Peter's contact over information. With Storm and Jean at her side, she called Peter.

Upon the first call, Kitty was still too nervous to talk to Peter. Storm and Jean encouraged her and she made the second call, this time she identified herself to Peter. Peter was surprised that Kitty called him and was curious to know how he even found his number; she got it from information. Kitty was about to ask Peter to hang out, but she paused as her anxiety got to her. She then mustered all her courage to say she wanted to hang out with Peter, suggesting to meet up after school. She then wanted to make sure he's not involved with anyone. Peter assured her that he's single and not tied to anyone. They both agreed to meet outside of his school at 3:30PM; Kitty hung up the phone feeling very good about the impending date.

After school, Peter was glad to see Kitty seriously showed up. Without anything actually planned, Kitty asked for his suggest on what people do around here; the mall. Kitty joked how the mutants will take the world, but spare the man who invented the corn-dog. Peter asked was she serious about that and she laughed it off as she assured the X-Men are the good guys. Peter then wondered about her call, Kitty admitted she doesn't have a lot of friends around her age. As they were talking Flash Thompson hit Peter on the back of his head. Kitty remarked he could've easily wiped the floor with him, but he explained exposing himself for personal satisfaction would risk endangering his loved ones if everyone knew who he really was.

Peter mentioned about MJ, but he didn't want to go into detail; Kitty wanted to know more about their back-story. Peter explained how she nearly got killed due to knowing his identity and her carelessness; it gotten her into many instances of mortal danger and he couldn't longer bear the responsibility for her life, therefore causing the breakup. Peter then asked about Kitty's situation. Kitty explained things didn't go well with Iceman and now she has to deal with him because they both live under the same roof. They later on headed to a rooftop to enjoy the scenery and continue their chat.

Katherine Pryde & Peter Parker (Earth-1610) from Ultimate Spider-Man Annual Vol 1 1 001

Peter Parker and Kitty Pride kissing from Ultimate Spider-Man Annual #1

At the roof, Kitty picked up the subject of Peter's ability to date. Kitty wondered if Peter could date someone who could handle herself. Kitty felt so embarrassed about mentioning the matter that she ran off, phased down to the lower level. Peter wasn't sure should he stay or leave, but Kitty returned. She apologized for being a spaz, but Peter thought she's cute the way she is. They were both about to kiss when there was an explosion. Peter decided to suit up and go investigate and Kitty wanted to join. Peter didn't want Kitty to be hurt, but Kitty reminded him that she can't get hurt with her phasing powers. Spider-Man and Kitty swung over to to investigate.

Shocker was once again performing another robbery. Spider-Man and Kitty Pryde appeared to stop him. Shocker threatened to hurt Kitty of she didn't get out of the way, but nothing happened. The shockwave blast went through Kitty's body and she then disabled his weapons. Peter pre-spun a web for Shocker to run into. The sight of Spider-Man was enough to cause Shocker to run for his life, right into the webbing. After police arrived, the duo swung back to the rooftop.

Kitty told Peter she had a good experience. Further discussions couldn't be made as the X-Wing arrived to pickup Kitty. Kitty then suggested keeping in touch through e-mail and see each other again on Saturday. Before Kitty left, they kissed and she left back to X-Manor. They both quickly ran to their rooms to start e-mailing each other, Kitty had already e-mailed him; starting their relationship.

The following day, after school, Kitty came to surprise Peter; Peter was indeed pleasantly surprised to see Kitty. Peter wanted to know why was Kitty here and she reasoned that she was bored and lonely. Kitty explained she rather be with Peter and convinced Storm to fly her over to spend 2 hours with him. Kitty wanted to know what is Peter doing now and he told her he's going to call in sick to hang with her. The two went over to his home to hang at his attic. At the attic, Peter told Kitty how he fought off an 8 ft Rhino. Kitty was impressed with Peter's heroics; their conversation was interrupted with Mary Jane Watson calling to inform him of the media frenzy caused by Flash Thompson. Kitty eventually left back to the institute while Peter investigated the matter.

Spider-Man & X-Men Battle at Krakoa

One afternoon, a jewel-robbery was in progress and Spider-Man intervened. The Ringer attacked and bonded Peter with his constricting rings, affecting his ability to breath. Just then, Kitty (in a new costume) appeared to help. Ringer attempted to constrict Kitty, but Kitty's phasing powers allows her to fight without getting hurt. She shorted Ringer's abilities and freed Peter's bonds by phasing him out of the rings. To Peter's surprise, he phased through his bonds as well as his suit; he's half naked, but still masked. Ringer tried to escaped, but his equipment shorted and Peter webbed him down for capture. After the battle was over, they investigated Ringer's equipement; they found his wallet. They wondered what kind of bad guy would bring his own wallet. Kitty then yellowed out Ringer's ID: Anthony Davis from Medina County, Ohio; the cops were coming and they had flee.

As Peter and Kitty swung their way to the abandoned warehouse, they talked about his recent encounter with "lame" villains and Kitty's new costume. They talked about giving her a new hero name to match new outfit, but they couldn't come up with a better name. At the old warehouse, Peter talked about he still wants to keep his identity a secret to his aunt and having a normal date. Their conversation ran short as the X-Wing (on automatic pilot) had come for Kitty; they kissed and she returned to X-manor.

While returning home, Kitty's returned to her X-Men costume and reflected of what happened with Peter; it turned from joy to negative thoughts. Kitty at first praised herself, but then beat herself up, calling herself an idiot as she's hiding in a costume against two of the world's more powerful telepaths. Kitty then stopped herself and reminded herself that she had something for herself, not involving the X-Men. Kitty told herself it was a good day with Peter and she should be happy for herself, but then her insecurities came through and she felt she scared off Peter.

Back at the school, Kitty walked into an empty school and wondered what happened to everyone; she was intercepted by a fake Wolverine. Kitty greeted Logan, only to be attack by him with a large blade. Kitty tried to fun for it, phasing into Xavier's office, but the fake-Storm zapped her before she made it through the other side, partially electrocuting her. Kitty was trying to understand the situation when the fake-Storm appeared again and attempted to zap her. She phased to the lower levels of the school in attempt to call help from the Ultimates; she accidentally phased into the communications room and shorted the computers. With little time left to seek help, she remotely launched the X-Wing back to it's last known location, the abandoned warehouse with Spider-Man. As soon as she dispatched the X-Wing, other false members of the X-Men arrived and knocked her out as she attempted to flee.

Deadpool and his Reavers had kidnapped Spider-Man and the X-Men to deliver them to Genosha, at the island of Krakoa for their mutant hunting reality TV show. When Kitty was awakened, she was on board one of the two attack choppers attempting to shoot down Peter, Cyclops, Colossus, and Storm. When the chopper crashed, Kitty used her phasing powers to escape harm of the crash and explosion; she was glad to see Peter and her teammates are unharmed.

As the two embrace each other for comfort, there was concern over Kitty's true identity as each and one of them was attacked by someone they knew. Kitty then whispered something private, something only Peter and Kitty would know and Peter vouched for her. As they were talking, Nightcrawler teleported over to confirm they are part of Mojo's mutant hunting reality show again. Just then, Rogue, Angel, and Jean Grey regrouped with them. Jean was knocked out, but she awakened after Scott tended to her.

Jean was confused and wanted to know their situation and Scott told him they're in Krakoa Island. Peter was still confused about this matter and Kitty explained Krakoa is a country known for mistreating mutants and hunting them for sport on reality TV. Just then, Deadpool and his cyborg forces came after them to attack. Spider-Man and the X-Men went on the offensive and fought off Mojo's henchmen. Peter jump-kicked Deadpool to break free of his hold on Kurt and then grabbed Kitty to swing to safety, all while filmed on reality TV.

While hidden behind some trees and bushes, still being filmed, Kitty and Peter took a breather while hiding. Kitty apologized for dragging Peter into the situation and dreaded they would break up. Peter confirmed he is mad, but comforted her as she wasn't at fault. Kitty then realized that if they're all captured, Prof X must be captured as well. Just then, Peter's spider-sense alerted him of danger and they swung away from a large explosion intended for them. Kitty used her phasing powers to prevent both of them experiencing the expanding flames as they swing to safety; Kitty was so sure that Peter is going to break up with him over this.

Once regrouped with the X-Men, the group fought off their cyborg attackers and Peter unmasked Deadpool, it was Prof X. Peter wasn't buying it as his senses tell him it's a trick. Kitty and the team tried to stop Peter, but Peter insist it's not the real Professor Xavier. Deadpool then tried to shoot Kitty, but she phased through all the attack. The group taken another tactical retreat, but it wasn't long their hunters returned for them.

Kitty was angry this time and charged at Deadpool's group, disabling the electronics of all the cyborgs. Peter and the rest of the X-Men took down the cyborgs and then focused on Deadpool. Peter stormed with his crawler assault and unmasked Deadpool, revealing a badly disfigured human face protected under prosthetics. Deadpool retaliated and gained an upperhand in the fight against Peter until Kitty phased through Deadpool, shorting his cybernetics. The shorting cause an internal overload and Deadpool exploded. Spider-Man and the X-Men then fought their way through to Mojo's facility to recover Prof X.

Mojo knew he was in a bind as the X-Men is coming after him. Prof X offered mercy to Mojo so long as he's freed to regroup with his X-Men and Mojo complied. After regrouping with his children, Prof X expressed his gratitude to Peter and they flew off on a private plane back to X-manor. During their trip home, Kitty was unsettled by everything had happened and held onto Peter for comfort on their way to New York. After reaching home, Peter felt it was time to come clean with Aunt May as he has no more excuses for her. Kitty showed support for being there with him when they face Aunt May; to their pleasant surprise, Aunt May wasn't home. She left a message on the machine, saying she's going stay over with Miles Warren (her date) and won't make it home. Kitty laughed it off and pointed out he dodged a bullet.

The "It" Couple

A day or two later, Peter and Kitty talked over the phone about recent events; Kitty expressed her excitement as Entertainment Weekly named them the "It" couple. To Peter's dismay, video of Spider-Man comforting Kitty during their time at Krakoa was leaked through the net, over 3 million downloads. Despite being so famous for their relationship, Kitty and the rest of the X-Men are "grounded" until the media dies down about their involvement at Krakoa. Seeing how everything was unfolding, Peter wanted to know if they were okay as a couple. Kitty's insecurities took it as a sign that Peter wanted to breakup, but Peter assured her he doesn't want to breakup. Both of them confirmed to each other they want to be together and Kitty expressed her gratitude for Peter coming for her at Krakoa. Peter couldn't talk any longer as JJ was nearby and he hung up.

The Magician & Growing Insecurities

One night, Kitty asked around for anyone able to give her a ride into NYC, a date with Spider-Man. Prof X was on his way to meet a new sponsor and to Kitty's gratitude, she got her ride into the city. After Kitty got into the city, she and Peter went on a crime-fighting date. After beating up some local gangsters, they made out at a rooftop, and she later took a cab back to the institute.

At the doorstep, Kitty found a depressed Colossus (due to his estrangement with Nightcrawler) and wanted to be left alone. Kitty gave him his space and phased through the door to find Nick Fury in waiting. Nick came to drop off Elliot Boggs, a mutant with reality altering abilities that recently manifested his powers and accidentally killed his parents. Fury dropped off Elliot for Prof X at the institute to rehabilitate.

Later into the night, the X-Men went to assist the students at the Academy of Tomorrow as they're being attacked by the Brotherhood. Colossus was there for a party when they attacked and he called the X-Men to assist. Jean was left behind as the Church of Shi'ar wanted to confirm if Jean is the legendary Phoenix they have been looking for. Kitty didn't attend this this battle, she only watched it happen at the news after the battle ended and was quite impressed at the new guy (Elliot) for bringing back X-Men into popularity.

Sometime later, the Friends of Humanity was attacking a local hospital with mutants and the X-Men intervened to assist. Kitty teamed up with Iceman, however Bobby felt Kitty's presence wasn't needed as they got enough manpower to defeat their opponents. Kitty used her phasing powers to avoid gunfire as she attempted to neutralize their opponents. During the fight, Logan commented how things are changing so fast after he left: Nightcrawler and Colossus not getting along and Kitty dating Spider-Man, whom Logan called a "loser." Kitty told Logan if he stayed around at the institute more often, he would be able to keep up with recent events. Kitty told she has been dating Spider-Man for some time and defend him by saying he's not a loser; she reminded Logan of the time Spider-Man helped the X-Men when the Reavers kidnapped them at Krakoa.

During the battle, one of the members of FOH is actually a mutant. The stress of the battle manifested his powers, but he accused the X-Men for infecting their mutation onto him. The creature was in denial and attacked the X-Men. Kitty tended to Colossus as the Hulk-like monster actually defeated Colossus. The X-Men were all knocked out and needed time to recover. By the time they sufficiently recovered, to everyone's surprise, Elliot already defeated their opponent; Kitty was thoroughly impressed.

While flying back to the institute, Kitty was being flirty with Elliot. She insisted Elliot show her some new moves as she needed more improvement to her fighting and Elliot agreed. Back at the institute, as they exit the X-Wing, Kitty insisted they try those training sessions during the day and Elliot obliged as he had time. Just then, Prof X and Nick Fury came into the hanger to confront Elliot.

Prof X and Fury had conflicting stories of how Elliot came to the school earlier and realize Elliot has been manipulating them from the start. Kitty was confused as she didn't want to attack Elliot; Prof X used his telepathy to explain to the X-Men that Elliot has been manipulating things to work in his favor and had the X-Men posed to detain him. Kitty tried to attack Magician as she felt Elliot tried to manipulate her to break up with Spider-Man; she lost her ability to phase during the fight. Kitty was buried under rubble as the X-Men attempted to defeat Magician. Elliot was furious that everyone turned on him; he threatened everyone to be killed when Jean appeared.

Jean used her Phoenix powers to attack Elliot, but he animated the Brotherhood to attack to even the fight. In the end, Wolverine used his claws to cut Elliot's throat and then pressed all his claws into Elliot's chest and his vanished. The fight was over and the hanger returned to normal as it was; this confused everyone as they're not sure did Elliot fall by Logan's hands, but Logan was sure of his death. After the battle, Prof X had the team treat the battle as a lesson for future encounters against mutants that possess powers beyond their understanding; they must be more careful in similar situations against new recruits.

The next day, Elliot returned to see Kitty. She all alone at the forest section of the campus when Elliot came to see her alone. Elliot explained he never meant to hurt anyone. He explained that his abilities are able to warp reality to work in his favor for whatever he wanted, consciously and/or sub-consciously. While not sure the entirety of his abilities, he's sure it compliments his desires. Elliot then explained to Kitty he thought she was cute and she suddenly taken an interest in him, it was then he began to understand his powers better; he admits he can't control his abilities, it just happens the way he wants it. Elliot realized his powers are too dangerous and wanted a means to exit the X-Men and had himself intentionally cast out as a villain and presumed dead; it makes everything easier for everyone and he's free to roam without being hunted. He then tells Kitty he's heading to a place without people, some place like Antarctica. Elliot tells Kitty he can't have her or anyone else know he's still alive or he'll be hunted down; he only wanted to tell his feelings to Kitty just once for himself. Elliot then left, but due to Magician's abilities, Kitty didn't remember a thing about their encounter. Scott just came to confirm that Elliot wasn't picked up by SHIELD's scans, as if Elliot never existed. As Scott walked with Kitty back to the institute, a part of her couldn't help but look towards the trees as if something relevant just happened.

In a undefined time, roughly between or after the events with Elliot, Peter told Kitty what had happened with him. He told her that fought off vampires and was bitten by one (see Peter Parker for complete account) while saving Daily Bugle's top reporter, Ben Urich. After all that had happened, he was emotionally shakened what had happened and found comfort after confiding to Mary Jane Watson. After telling Kitty exactly what had happened, she got upset.

She accused Peter of hanging with MJ again, but Peter argued they go to school together and she was there to help him go through a difficult time; Peter admitted she was there and that they've been friends for a long time, confiding to her was natural. Kitty wasn't happy at all with Peter's excuse; Peter tried to explain he tried to reach her, but she was busy with the X-Men and couldn't be reached. Peter then wanted to know what he did wrong; Kitty pointed out that Peter couldn't tell what's "killing" her inside.

Kitty then exclaimed that she's the girlfriend and only she should be doing such things, not MJ. Peter wasn't arguing her point and affirmed Kitty is his girlfriend, but then Kitty argued that MJ is the girlfriend in this situation. Peter argued that he has no friends, only her and MJ to confide to. Kitty argued it was different, that Peter is in love with MJ. Peter reacted in silence, confirming Kitty's worst fears. Kitty realized that Peter broke up with MJ wasn't because he hated her, but broke up with her for own safety; Kitty's insecurities are in full bloom. Just then, Aunt May came in to greet Peter. Kitty thought it was MJ, but Peter said it was Aunt May; leading an awkward moment. Unable to explain any further, he hung up the phone. Kitty was upset as she only wanted Peter to simply confirm that he's not in love with MJ and she would've dropped the matter, but Peter didn't deny it. Kitty quietly cried in frustration on her bed.

Dazzler's Disappearance & Nightcrawler's Despair

On the same day Elliot came to talk to Kitty, Alison/Dazzler has been reported missing from the hospital since yesterday; Prof X scramble the X-Men to search for her in case decided to run off. Kurt just walked in at the end of their meeting and Kitty filled in that Dazzler is missing; unknown to everyone, Nightcrawler was the real kidnapper to Alison. Prof X and Logan caught wind of this matter and secretly trailed Kurt to find Dazzler.

After discovering that Kurt has been hiding Ali in a cave, Kitty was dispatched to use her phasing powers to rescue Ali. As Kitty tended to Alison, the rest of the X-Men attempt to talk sense to Kurt as they engaged him in battle. Kurt didn't feel he needed help and began teleporting around, displacing members and causing accidental friendly fire to slow them down. Alison asked Kitty about Kurt's behavior, but Kitty couldn't explain as it's a new to everyone with his behavior. When Dazzler attacked Kurt, he admitted he wanted personal time with Alison to convince her to love him and possibly have children; the X-Men didn't know what to say to Kurt's despairing emotions. Rogue walked over to comfort Kurt by putting her hand to him, but by doing so, she realize she can once again absorb other people's abilities again. With the battle over, the X-Men returned home to discuss what had happened.

In a team meeting, Prof X wanted this matter kept in secret between fellow X-Men as an internal matter; Alison wasn't pleased with the situation. She was angry that Kurt wasn't punished and felt this decision was made because she wasn't as important as other female members of the X-Men. Prof X tried to calm her down, but she officially announced she's leaving the X-Men; Kitty could only watch Ali leave and remarked, "This sucks."

Aiding Spider-Man & Losing Peter to MJ

During the events of the Clone Saga, Kitty saw the news of SHIELD barricading Forest Hills and Mary Jane missing. Kitty was for sure that Peter is in trouble and needs their help. Kitty then quickly ran to get Xavier to get his permission to scramble the X-Men to assist. Xavier argued they shouldn't interfere with SHIELD affairs; Kitty screamed at Xavier, arguing if it was someone close to him that he would've lead an assault himself. Kitty's biggest argument that Spider-Man was there for the X-Men when it counted and Xavier relented to Kitty's request.

Because the X-Men aren't allowed to directly interfere with SHIELD affairs, the X-Men arrived to the Parker's house with the Blackbird cloaked for observation. Kitty could only react in shock and fear as Peter's house is badly shot up by SHIELD agents. With Jean's help, she as able to find out Aunt May suffered a heart attack and went to First Baptist Hospital, a possible lead to finding Peter. Once there, Jean read Aunt May's mind and found out she knows of Peter's secret identity. Using Jean as a telepathic medium, Kitty asked Xavier to erase Aunt May's memory of Peter being Spider-Man; to Kitty's dismay, Xavier denied her request.

Kitty was furious with Xavier, arguing this was something Peter never wanted and that her knowing was a mistake; Xavier pointed out the ethical matter of manipulating a person's thought in such a fashion. Kitty strongly objected as she pointed out they were currently pyschically invisible to people and it's not different from erasing a memory; Xavier was adimant about the matter. Kitty became very upset, told Xavier she hated him and she ran off in tears. The following morning, Kitty thought she should check on Peter to see if he's okay. To Kitty's shock, she found Peter kissing MJ; Kitty could only stand in shock at Peter's infidelity after all she went through for him. After that, Kitty returned to the institute, and seriously considered leaving the X-Men.

Cable & Death of Xavier

At a moment of peace, the X-Men are on break. Kitty was trying to read a book with heavy thoughts. Rogue and Bobby were playing the X-Box when Rogue rebuked Iceman for attempting to touch her and stormed off. Colossus noticed Kitty was distracted and wondered if Kitty was okay, she admitted she had been thoughtful and unable to focus. Kitty later walked around to search for Prof X to talk; she found him at the infirmary with Cable (Logan from the future).

Cable was attacking Prof X and Kitty jumped at Cable's behind in attempt to help Xavier. Kitty thought she had the upper hand as no one can stop her from her phasing abilities; Cable stabbed Kitty with a power dampener blade, which had the ability to disrupt her powers and keep her tangible. Kitty was confused as how she's injured and Cable explained the nature of the weapon; he warned Kitty not to remove the weapon as she'll bleed if she removes it. Kitty's wound started to bleed out and she lost consciousness during the fight as the rest of the X-Men attempt to stop Cable. Ultimately, Cable escaped by created a barrier between him and the X-Men. He then carried Jean over to his future as collateral.

Later, Storm informed Kitty what happened after she awakened. In order to save Kitty, Prof X manipulated the mind of a surgeon to help him save Kitty's life. Kitty was surprised that Xavier was capable of doing something like that. Kitty then told Storm how she thinks the institute was a place meant to train her, not to fight. Storm agreed as she only wanted to finish working on her play. Kitty was curious over Storm's play and wanted to take a look at it; Storm wanted more time to revise her work before giving Kitty her draft, but Kitty wanted to see it soon as she's seriously considering leaving the X-Men.

Later, Logan dropped in to sniff for evidence. Kitty wondered about Logan's sniffing and told her he's attempting to track the enemy, but nothing was found. Just then, a time portal opened before them. Bishop arrived, wondering if Cable arrived and if he's too late. Logan wasn't patient about the matter and attacked Bishop. He disabled Bishop and had him questioned about what's happening. It was from Bishop that they learned that Cable and him are from the distant future and that Cable blames Xavier for future events, believing he has to die to save the future.

Xavier trusted Bishop and had him lead a team of the X-Men in attempt to find Jean. Kitty was still injured at the time and rested at the infirmary. While waiting for news, Bobby came out of nowhere with Rogue's arm blown off. Kitty freaked and cried out for the Professor. By the time Xavier got to the infirmary, to everyone's shock, Rogue took Logan's healing ability and have nearly regrown her lost arm. Later, Kitty would learn that Prof X died when he fronted Cable; he was burned to ashes, only leaving his charred remains.

Leaving The X-Men

Today is Xavier's funeral, for personal reasons, Kitty decided not to attend the funeral and move out early before the funeral started. With Prof X dead and her feelings of recent events, Kitty had it and decided to leave the X-Men. At her room, Bobby came to confirm with Kitty that she's seriously leaving. Kitty confirmed that she is leaving. She explained that she can't deal with things at the institute anymore, that she's just a kid and shouldn't deal with such things; Bobby was confused as Kitty used to live for such excitement, but Kitty reasoned she's grown up since and had a change of heart. Bobby tried to argue that Prof X wouldn't approve of Kitty's decision; Kitty pointed out that Prof X is dead and didn't care what he'd want since he's dead. Kitty then explained she's not running away and not quitting because Xavier died, it was merely a growing number of reasons for her to leave.

Kitty argued she came her to learn to use her powers and she did it; she's no longer a threat to herself and she feels she doesn't need to further understand her powers, and that things have changed since her inception. Bobby then wondered if her moving back with her mom had to do with Spider-Man as her mother's location is at Queens. Kitty then told Bobby that being with Spider-Man was still fun, but it's not the case here and she called Bobby a jerk. Kitty's final words to Bobby is that she's leaving before Magneto escapes the Triskelion to take over the school. Kitty didn't bid any of the X-Men farewell. They knew she was leaving and saying anything wouldn't change things.

Queens Midtown High School Days

After leaving the X-Men, Kitty have since relocated to Queens. Because Midtown High is her designated school zone, she now attends school with Peter; becoming intertwined with the Ultimate Spider-Man universe.

Awkward Transfer

In a matter of days, after settling down with her mother at Queens, Kitty enrolled into Midtown High School. Peter had yet to officially break up with Kitty and the situation became awkward as she became a part of Peter's class. And, as if things couldn't get any worse, the teacher placed her seat right behind Mary Jane. As she sat down, all the classmates wanted to know about her as she was one of the world famous X-Men. She confirmed to the class she is indeed a mutant and former member of the X-Men. Kenny McFarlane rudely asked what did she do to get herself kicked out of the X-Men; Kitty insisted she parted ways with them. Flash and Kenny then insisted for her to show her phasing abilities and she awkwardly obliged; Liz Allan wasn't impressed.

Liz then accused Kitty of thinking she's superior than regular humans as mutants are called "homo superior"; Kitty explained the phrase wasn't coined by her and she believes that everyone is equal. Liz angrily insisted that they are superior, but Kitty argued she's not and she's sure there are abilities that Liz are good at and she's not. Jessica Jones then asked about Kitty's status over dating with Spider-Man; she wondered if Kitty's decision to leave the X-Men is due in part because he's suspected of attending Midtown. Kitty denied her affiliation with Spider-Man and clearly stated she's single. The teacher then had the class refocus on the curriculum, but Kitty was still emotional over Peter. Seeing Peter right next to her, her feelings got the best of her and she accidentally phased right through the class walls and into the main hallway. Embarrassed what had happened, she ran off into hiding.

Kitty was later spotted by Peter and MJ at their usual spot at the football benches. Peter walked up to Kitty to talk, but Kitty was furious that Peter wants to talk now after all that's happened. Peter said he tried to call her, but Kitty felt he should've personally came to X-manor to break up with her. Peter excused that he had a lot going and that she had since left the X-Men; going to Xavier's would've been a waste of a trip. Peter then asked why she left Xavier's and Kitty explained it had to do with Peter. Kitty reasoned she couldn't stand the crowding of the school and left when Xavier refused to wipe Aunt May's mind from knowing Peter is Spider-Man.

She told him she and Jean were at the hospital at the time and found out Aunt May knew. When Xavier refused to erase her memories of Peter's secret identity, she blew up on Xavier, causing her to leave the school. Peter felt guilty over her turn of events; Peter expressed his appreciation for her sentiment, but he didn't want Xavier to wipe her memories. Kitty wondered why since he always expressed secrecy to his aunt. Peter reasoned he had to take responsibility for it, much to Kitty's dismay as Xavier said the same thing. Peter then wondered why Kitty appeared in Midtown high school. Kitty explained it was a series of bad coincidences: just in time for Peter to break up with her without telling her, just in time to help him to find him back with MJ.

Kitty told Peter she always knew that he was in love with MJ the entire time, but she entered a relationship with him anyway. Peter tried to explain that all that's happened wasn't her fault. After nearly losing MJ, he realized her importance and the error being with Kitty. Kitty was offended to be considered the mistake; Peter tried to explain the mistake wasn't her, but she was too angry to listen and phased out of the benches to walk off. For many days to come, Kitty would avoid Peter and MJ whenever they bump into each other.

Baby-Parent Project with Peter

At morning, before heading to school, Spider-Man was chasing down Shocker again from another heist. Shocker was running away from the cops in a Humvee with a getaway driver. Kitty appeared before them in a new costume, she disabled the Humvee with her phasing powers and greeted Peter. Peter complimented on her new costume and asked was she still upset with him; Kitty didn't feel like entering this conversation in the middle of heroics. With the bad guys defeated and arrested, Peter offered Kitty a swing over to school, but she refused; Kitty still had a lot of unpleasant feelings against Peter.

Kitty in late to class, right behind Peter, suggesting to everyone they were both up to something "romantic." Class resumed and to everyone's dismay, it was a project on tending a baby; Peter and Kitty were paired up as the parents to the project. After class, Peter went to see MJ about the matter as he's sure she's not happy about it.

MJ wasn't happy about the matter and Peter thought the project as a nuisance has he has greater responsibilities. Kitty came over to make a compromise over the project to make everyone's lives easier. MJ accepted the situation and felt it was okay for the both of them to work on the project. Peter insisted in working something out, but MJ pointed out he's handled far worst situations with villains and they can handle something as small as a group project. MJ affirmed that he trusted Peter, even though MJ hates herself, she has faith in Peter.

Flash then appeared before Kitty and mocked Kitty's and Peter's child as a half-spas, half mutant (a 'Spasmutant'), Kenny Kong McFarlane hit Flash and told him to apologize; Flash obliged under duress. Kitty seemed to take an interest to Kenny, Peter and MJ introduced Kitty to Kenny; the two walked off to talk about the X-Men and going out together for a movie.

Agents of SHIELD Vs Green Goblin

Later into the day, Kitty and Kenny continued on their parent-baby project without Peter at her home. Kitty told Kenny they didn't have to do trig with the X-Men. Kenny wondered if they actually had classes; Kitty admitted they're supposed to, but they never got around to the more mundane aspects of education. Kenny pointed out at least she helped defeat Magneto and Kitty admitted it was a high-light for that semester. Kitty then expressed her gratitude for helping out with the project, Kenny told her he didn't mind and was cool for her to be a friend to him.

Kitty then expressed her discomfort at Midtown as everyone treats her as a circus freak; Kenny argued she'll do fine as Spider-Man allegedly also attends to their school and did fine, but Kitty fears it's additional reason for the students to have anxiety over her. Just then, news came over the TV with Spider-Man arrested by SHIELD. As much as Kitty harbored angered towards Peter, she wanted to save Peter from SHIELD and told Kenny to leave as she intends to save Spider-Man.

Kitty Pryde suited her new costume and infiltrated the Triskelion with her powers to free Peter. She helped phase him through his cell wall to escape, only to be confronted by SHIELD agents outside the building. Danvers intercepted them and identified Kitty. Danvers wanted their compliance or she'll neutralize her phasing abilities. Kitty argued that holding Peter against his will is wrong; Danvers argued he wasn't arrested, but was taken under protective custody. Danvers explained that Osborn has a fixation on Peter and had hoped a public display of his arrest by SHIELD would lure him back to Triskelion. With reports of Osborn on the move, Danvers then offered both of them the chance to join SHIELD to assist in the capture of Norman Osborn; the two agreed.

SHIELD found Osborn holding one of his former accountants hostage for money. Peter charged in first and attacked him. As they fought, Goblin grabbed Peter and flung him out of the building; Kitty along with SHIELD agents fired their guns at Norman. Both Peter and Norman fell down onto the street. Peter was saved by mere seconds as Kitty dived for Peter and used her phasing abilities to break his fall, but they ended up in the sewers. Back on top of the surface, SHIELD agents lost Goblin. Danvers came to demand information about Osborn, but no one was able to report his whereabouts. Peter was furious with Danvers as SHIELD lost Norman. Frustrated, Peter decided to leave with Kitty. Danvers wanted to know where is Peter heading with Osborn still one the loose. Peter told Danvers he's only got four hours before school starts and he promises to notify them if Osborn returns.

On the rooftop Peter took a breather with Kitty to talk. Peter expressed his gratitude to her after everything has happened between each other. Peter expressed his regret with their relationship and Kitty accepted his apologies; the two seem to have reconciled as friends. Kitty then talked about possibly dating Kenny and Kitty wanted to know is he a good person. Peter confirmed Kenny is a good person, but allows himself to be bossed around. While jumping/crawling at the Williamsburg Bridge, Kitty wanted to know what did Osborn want, Peter himself couldn't answer. After dropping off Kitty, Peter later finalized his fight with Norman; Green Goblin died and Peter survived.

Amazing Gathering with Firestar

One day after school, Kitty was with Kenny when F4's Johnny Storm waved her down. Kitty at first thought it was another student harassing her, but to Kitty's pleasant surprise, she realized it was Johnny and she went over to talk to talk. Kitty hugged him and wondered why he's here, Johnny explained he used to be a student here and Johnny was surprised to find Kitty attending Midtown as well. It was only then that Johnny made the awkward connection that MJ is with Peter while Kitty was formally with Peter. Johnny switched the subject and asked their plans for their availability for tonight and Friday; Kitty told Johnny she's raising Peter's robot baby. While talking about keeping a low profile, to Kitty's embarrassment, Iceman appeared to talk to Kitty.

Bobby had come to reconcile with Kitty as she left the X-Men on bad terms with Bobby; Kitty only continued to tell Bobby to leave. Johnny was confused at the situation and Bobby explained they used to have a thing together, but things got messy after Rogue. Kitty corrected him and said she was treated like a tool; Bobby didn't contest the matter and admitted that he mistreated Kitty. Bobby explained to Kitty that he misses her and wants to be friends again as he missed hanging with her, but Kitty still rebuked him. Bobby explained he tried to contact her, but Kitty refused to pick up the phone, she pointed out her ignoring his calls to be obvious behind her intentions. Bobby continued to try to get Kitty to forgive him, but she stormed off.

Whiling walking away, Bobby asked Kitty why can't they be friends after everything they experienced together as X-Men; Kitty relented and forgiven Bobby. Kitty then made Bobby admit he was a jerk to her that mistreated and disrespected her feelings; in addition, she's cuter than Rogue any day of the week. After a short pause, Bobby agreed to all her conditions. After making nice with Bobby, he delivered a personal note from Logan. Kitty read the note and was very touched what Logan said, Bobby wanted to know what Logan wrote, but Kitty didn't say anything. Kitty then regrouped with the whole gang with Peter. Johnny suggested they head to the beach and Kitty agreed to come, insisting Kenny to tag along as well.

After a afternoon of fun with the boys, the gang sat with their significant others over a bonfire to enjoy the night. Liz was having a good time with Johnny until she started to catch on fire. Fire started engulfing all over Liz and she screamed with great fear. Johnny insisted that it wasn't his doing. Liz's mutation finally came to fruition, she has become Firestar.

Liz was still in a state of high panic as she still doesn't fully understand the nature of her power. Kitty and the gang encouraged Johnny to help, but Liz thinks Johnny somehow infected her with the mutation and pushed him away. They then had Bobby come and calm things and she managed to de-power back to the beach. Johnny couldn't help them as he had to leave due to a call from the F4 comm.

Kitty and the whole group wanted to help her understand what's happening to her. While there was debate how she gained her powers (mutation vs something from Johnny), they are all sure she's a mutant. Liz was much in self-denial and flew off. Kenny then told Peter to help, but Peter played dumb about his abilities. Kenny lost his patience and sarcastically suggested that a friend is in trouble and that Spider-Man is needed. Peter realized Kenny knows his secret, but instead of wondering about it, he ran off to see Liz; Kitty denied ever telling Kenny about Peter's secret. Peter would later fill in Kitty what had happened. About he and bobby trying to convince Liz to accept her mutation and the appearance of Magneto and the X-Men intervening on Liz's behalf.

The following day, at the cafeteria, Kitty was upset to find out that Liz has been accepted into the X-Men. She was mad that she's not part of the X-Men anymore, but Liz is and she didn't even like mutants. Kitty was so upset that she threw the robo-baby to Peter to look after. She threatened to mistreat the baby if Peter didn't comply, thus affecting his GPA. She stormed out of the mess hall and MJ joked the harsh realities of children.

Burned Baby Presentation

The parent-baby project finally had ended and their teacher asked for Kitty's and Peter's report; the baby was charred nearly beyond recognition. Both the class and teacher was stunned; Kitty was quick blame their baby's death to Peter. The teacher wanted to know at least what happened in the parent log, but that was burned too. Peter explained it was due to Omega Red. Red had attacked the Bugle to get back at Jameson's editorial on him. Spider-Man intervened and defeated Red by slamming a vendor machine on top of him; the battle caused a fire and burned the baby. Peter showed all the physical evidence to prove it's not his fault; the teacher relented and gave them a B-.

Finding Spider-Man & Making a Deal with Quaid

One early evening, Kitty go a call from MJ. Kitty was surprised to get a call from MJ as she dislikes Kitty, but MJ had come to tell her that Peter is in trouble. At Flushing, MJ showed what had happened earlier to Peter. Spider-Man got knocked out and grabbed by Shocker in his getaway van. MJ was nervous and didn't know who the contact as the police can't be involved in this matter. Kitty then suggested calling Johnny Storm, but the F4 couldn't reached. They had no choice but to look for help with the NYPD.

Kitty had a contact with the NYPD, Capt. Quaid, he was a buddy of Logan's and she went to visit him for a favor. Kitty startled Quaid in the locker room and he was quick to draw his service pistol; Kitty was quick to apologize for the intrusion, told him of her connection with Logan, and explained the situation. After looking over the tape, Quiad believes Spider-Man is likely dead due to the fact there has been my demands; Kitty pleaded with Quaid to give her information to find Shocker. She wanted to rescue Peter ahead of time to preserve is secret identity or the cops might force to unmask him. Quaid was reluctant to let Kitty intervene in a dangerous situation, but she assured Quaid that her phasing abilities protect her from harm; she pleaded with Quaid to comply as she tearfully tells that Peter is a hero that deserves more. Quaid relented and figured out how to find Shocker with the tape.

Kitty went ahead of the cops to find Peter at a abandoned warehouse lot down at a local pier. Peter just freed himself after being tortured by Shocker and he was about to land a fatal blow when Kitty arrived to tell him to stop. Peter said he wasn't serious about killing him, but Kitty suspects otherwise. With Shocker knocked out, Peter wondered how did she find him; Kitty explained MJ's video had clues to help find out where he was. Kitty admitted that MJ is a outstanding girlfriend; Peter also felt Kitty was a great girlfriend as well. Still weak from Shocker's torture, Kitty helped Peter walk when the police arrived. Kitty reminded Quaid of their agreement earlier and he let them go as the police couldn't arrest them anyway due to Kitty's powers.

Analyzing Banshee for Wolverine

One night at a warehouse at the Bronx, Peter and Kitty teamed up to take down drug addicts of Banshee; to Kitty's disapproval, Peter coined them as Screamers because of the literal definition of banshee. They defeated all their opponents, save the last brute; Wolverine appeared and took out the last one. Logan had come for Peter help over his personal investigation of Banshee; the trio headed back to Forest Hills.

Back home, Logan gave Peter a sample of his blood work for a comparative analysis and explained the situation: he has been tested positive for Banshee even though he never used it. Peter wondered why didn't Logan seek help from greater scientists like Richards or Banner; Logan argued that Richards and Banner would likely turn him over to SHIELD. Logan felt Peter was perfect for the task, being inside his head before (due to Jean's mind swap earlier), Wolverine was confident that Peter will figure it out; Peter was touched by the compliment.

While waiting for Peter's analysis, Logan asked Kitty why she hasn't said anything, thinking Kitty believe he's guilty of using Banshee; Kitty was thinking about the note he sent him. Kitty was emotional over what Logan said to her and hugged him for it. Seconds later, Peter figured out the mystery behind Logan's positive test on Banshee, it's because he is Banshee. Peter explained that Banshee itself is a genetic enhancement drug that used his DNA as a basis; the reason he was tested positive is because Logan's unique blood was used to make it work. Logan became very angry at the situation and Peter was worried Logan was going to hurt him for the revelation; Logan assured his anger isn't directed at him. The X-Men soon arrived and Logan left the Parker residence to settle the score with Xavier.


Before the events of Ultimatum, Kitty, Kenny, Peter, MJ, and Gwen all met at the Parker residence to head out to the city to see Johnny. Kenny tried to say something nice, but the situation became awkward as he thought Gwen died. Aunt May appeared and gave some money for them to enjoy themselves and warned them to lookout for the weather as things looked like it might rain. Little did everyone know that Magneto's plan is already happening.

Unknown to Kitty, Magneto activated his "Doomsday Protocols" by altering the planet's magnetic poles, he unleashed a series of geological disasters all across the globe. Manhattan will be pounded by a gigantic tide of ocean water that will kill millions. This disaster quickly became known as the "Ultimatum Wave".

Kitty and the gang were all in the L-train, heading to Manhattan to see Johnny. Kitty wondered about their plans with Johnny and Peter presumed that the Human Torch would get them into some "hot spot" to enjoy; Kitty couldn't believe Peter used "hot spot" and Human Torch in a sentence. Kenny then suggested watching "The Dark Knight" for the ninth them, but nobody was interested. Looking at Gwen, being thoughtful, MJ asked is she okay. Considering all that's happened, Gwen couldn't answer as she's still confused. Kitty tried to make her feel better as the situation couldn't get any worse; Kitty couldn't be far from the truth. The "Ultimatum Wave" hit NYC and the whole gang witnessed it over the elevated track.

The track was high enough to not be pushed away by the tidal wave, but millions have instantly died. Kitty helped Peter get out of the subway car by phasing him to the roof. Peter was concerned they might be noticed, but Kitty assured Peter under the conditions, they won't be noticed. Kitty then reminded him that people need his help and she promised to look after the gang if they're in trouble. Peter complimented her, telling her she's great; Kitty told Peter to stop being cute to be on his way.

Kitty and the rest of the gang headed to higher ground to avoid the flooding. At the side of Queens, they can see Dr. Strange's Sanctum emitting strange mystical energies as the rest of the city are in shambles. The ganged wondered about rescuers and the status of the local heroes like F4 and Ultimates, dreading they may have all fallen. MJ then punched Kitty down to the ground in a unprovoked attack. Kitty wanted to know what's MJ's agnst; MJ yelled at Kitty for sending Peter out there in the chaos, but Kitty denied every doing so. MJ tried to grab Kitty, but she was prepared this time and phased MJ through. Kitty continued to deny her involvement in Peter's decision to help people. MJ then told Kitty she had no idea how much she loves Peter; Kitty argued she does as she loves Peter just as much.

Kitty accidental blurb surprised everyone, including herself, admitting she's still in love with Peter. Kitty then reinforced the fact she didn't send Peter out there; Peter decided to go help people on his own. Kitty herself wanted to help people, but her abilities limits her ability to help survivors. MJ was too overwhelmed by the mental/emotional stress of the possibility of losing Peter. Kitty wanted to know what MJ wants; MJ wants her to find Peter. Kitty agreed with MJ and she phased to the lower floor to cross over to Manhattan to find Peter.

Kitty arrived in the city just as a giant purple mushroom cloud from an explosion appeared. Fearing that Peter may had been near the explosion, she investigated, only to run into Spider-Woman, Peters' clone. Spider-Woman, overjoyed to see that Kitty was alive and well attempted to hug her. But Kitty phased her off uncomfortably. Jessica tried to show Kitty that she's "Peter,", but Kitty wasn't amused with the clone. The two joined together in the search for Peter while rescuing stranded survivors; as the survivors mounted, they began taking them to higher ground until rescue choppers came to pick them up. after that, they resumed their search for Peter.

Back at the nearby spot of the mystical explosion, both Kitty and Jessica kept calling out for Peter as they search under rock and rubble for him. A second tidal wave hit them as they were searching for Peter; because of Kitty's phasing powers, she phased right through the second wave flood. Kitty began to fall into despair after unable to find Peter; she eventually only came across his torn mask among the rubble. Kitty returned to Aunt May's house, where Kenny, MJ, Aunt May, and MJ's mother waited for Peter's return. Regretfully, Kitty presented Aunt May with Peter's mask and she sobbed as she feared the worst.[citation needed]

Kitty sat out at the Parker's home when Logan arrived. Logan thought Peter is dead, but Kitty herself wasn't sure of his status. Logan then handed his box of belongings to Kitty, in case something happens to him after he confronts Magneto. Kitty was upset that she can't join Logan, but he argued Bobby needs to be looked after and they will both prevent each other from heading to Magneto's citadel. While hugging Logan, Kitty wondered why she can't join him. Logan told her that the world is going to need people like Kitty and because she's one of the best. To her relief, Peter was alive as he was recovered by the surviving Ultimates; Wolverine didn't survive his battle and died with Magneto.[citation needed]

Post Ultimatum & Delivering Jimmy's Legacy

After Ultimatum, the US has put a legal ban on mutants using their abilities; using her mutant powers was now illegal. Kitty was allowed to continue attending Midtown High as long as she did not manifest her powers in any way; a rather hard task when students goad her to use her abilities by throwing objects at her. Despite this, the school attempted to expel her anyway if it weren't the intervention of her mother. Kitty also apparently stopped seeing Kenny. This is possibly due to the fact she admitted that she's still in love with Peter during the events of Ultimatum.

After finding out Logan had died after confronting Magneto, Kitty followed Logan's instructions and opened the box for further instructions. Logan informs Kitty he has a son and wanted her to deliver the wooden box to Jimmy. Logan had left his son under the care of the Hudsons when Jimmy was just a baby; in case Logan died, Kitty would deliver his final message to him. At her own risk, Kitty managed to traveled all the way to Florida to see Jimmy and deliver Logan's box.

Under false pretenses, Kitty promised "candy" if they had some privacy together. Once in the Hudson boathouse, Kitty handed Wolverine's box to Jimmy, telling him it belonged to his real father. In the box, it contained Wolverine's old Canadian dog tag, Timesweek's cover of the X-Men (featuring Wolverine on the cover), and a lock of Jean Grey's hair. Jimmy was still confused over the material until he unlocked the hologram message.

Wolverine appeared before Jimmy, showing his claws to show he's a mutant. Wolverine told Jimmy he's his son, to forget asking who is his birth mother, not to think about the past and focus on the future, respect the Hudsons for raising him, and learning to live with the choices he's made like himself. Wolverine's final message was that he never regretted having Jimmy as a son, it was the end of the hologram play.

Jimmy want to know how long Kitty knew and she admitted for some time; Jimmy was upset that it took her this long to see him about this, but Kitty argued she risked her own life just coming to see him (due the US making mutants illegal). Kitty shocked Jimmy to reality when she identified him as a fellow mutant. Kitty theorized that Jimmy inherited Wolverine's abilities and encouraged him to try; after some hard focusing, his bone claws painfully sheathed through his knuckles for the first time. Kitty then pointed out the difference between his natural bone claws to Wolverine's, due to the Weapon X program; Jimmy surprised Kitty after forming a metallic coating over his claws. Jimmy finally accepted his legacy, "I'm Wolverine's son."

After mastering to control his claws, Jimmy wondered about Wolverine's character. Kitty described Wolverine as a dangerous, sweet, horny, unpredictable, and a dependable comrade. Jimmy wanted to know about Wolverine's talk about his future when his adoptive parents intervened. James wanted Jimmy to leave as Heather Husdon had some words with Kitty. Jimmy overheard Heather being displeased at Kitty for telling Jimmy, feeling she had no right; Kitty justified her actions as fulfilling the wishes of Jimmy's father and returned to NY.

Aiding Spider-Man with Shroud & Additions to The Parkers

Six months have passed after the events of Ultimatum and Kitty have decided to continue the life of being a superhero; however using mutant abilities have been illegal. To avoid being identified, Kitty created an entire brand new persona, The Shroud; she donned a new red and black costume that completely covered her face, a voice scrambler (which either sounded like a man impersonating a woman or a woman impersonating a man), and used enhanced abilities she didn't use as Shadowcat; invulnerability and super strength (by adjusting her body density with her phasing powers).

One night, three hooded robbers rammed a stolen jeep into a store to rob the place; Kitty decided to stop the robbers for the first time as Shroud. She called the robbers "idiots" and they fired upon her, however Kitty phased right through the bullets. She then challenged the strongest and biggest to try something else; the big guy tried to hit Kitty with his hand and wooden handle of the gun; that hit only hurt the robber. Kitty then retaliated by using her new-found ability to adjust her density to knock out the big guy. The second robber then tried to throw a battle at her, but Kitty caught the bottle and threw it right back at him. Kitty threw the bottle so hard that it knocked the robber out of the window.

The last robber was in a panic as he didn't know what to do. Kitty then grabbed the last robber's head and threatened him with jail and death over his stupidity. Shroud assured the robber he's going to jail and expect him to clean his life after the experience; she then slammed the robber hard to the floor, telling him he's fortunate to be alive. After checking with the Asian clerk, she left the scene as Spider-Man just walked in to investigate.

The following day, at lunch, Kitty was trying to read when Flash and his group of jocks teased her. Kitty got hit by an Oreo cookie and knew the students are stirring up group with her again. Kitty began using her powers so all foreign objects would phase right through her, but that only encouraged Flash and his gang to throw more stuff at her. Kenny then came to her defense by flipping Flash's table and telling them to stop. Kitty decided to leave the scene as the situation is getting complicated when the principle appeared; giving everyone involving the incident with detention. Unfortunately for Kitty the principle knew Kitty was using her powers and much to her protest, he gave her detention for illegally using her powers.

During this whole incident, Mary Jane was nearby filming the entire thing. Kitty stormed up to MJ to ask did she just stand there to film the incident; MJ explained it wasn't for fun, but to gather footage for the school news website about mutant hysteria. Kitty wasn't amused and didn't want her image to be used without permission; she demanded to get the tape, but MJ refused as she wanted to publish her project. After much insistence and MJ's refusal, Kitty used her powers to destroy the camera. Kitty walked off and told MJ to get her boyfriend to buy her a new one, but then pointed out Peter isn't with MJ anymore.

Some time later, at night, MJ was walking out of the Queens Mall after work when a bunch of thugs want to kidnap her at gunpoint; Kitty was nearby and she switched to her Shroud outfit and intervened. Using her density abilities, she crashed hard into the rooftop car to distract them as MJ ran for cover. The thugs tried to shoot Kitty, but she phased through the bullets as she continues to wreck through the car. The thugs then tried to shake her off with high speed hard turns, but they end up crashing into a street pole. Kitty flew backwards as the car crashed into the pole. Kitty quickly recovered from her fall and one of the thugs that fell out of the car started shooting at Kitty; she once again phased through the bullets. Kitty then kicked the thug hard enough to knock him out and his gun away.

After the battle, Kitty yelled at the thugs, she was upset they couldn't have done something more progressive than what they've done. MJ then appeared to ask for Shroud's identity, but Kitty declined to answer. After checking MJ was okay, Kitty told MJ to head home, but MJ still wanted to know more as the voice scrambler failed to hide enough of Kitty's voice to suggest MJ they're the same age. Kitty then pointed out to MJ she didn't get her "thank you"; MJ said she did, but after being reminded she didn't, MJ thanked Shroud. As the police came, Kitty told MJ to head home as the authorities are coming. Taking advantage of MJ's distraction, she phased away to void visual detection.

The following day, Bobby had contacted Kitty for help. His family had rejected him and he needed a place to stay; Kitty thought her mother would be out all day and secretly let Bobby in her home to crash for food and rest. A few hours later news came that Hulk was causing a major scene at the Queensboro Bridge; Kitty took advantage of the school's distraction over the event to change into Shroud.

When Kitty arrived at the scene, she discovered the attacker wasn't Hulk, but the illusionist, Mysterio. Spider-Man is badly hurt after suffering a series of concussive blasts from Mysterio's charged explosives. Mysterio was caught off guard, he was savoring the moment as he was about to unmask Peter; Kitty decided to intervene to save Peter.

Shroud kicked Mysterio hard in the head. Mysterio tried to zap Shroud with his electrical gauntlet, but it had no affect on her. Kitty then charged for a mid-air punch, but this time, Kitty's punch went through Mysterio's head. Mysterio then grabbed Kitty and threw her off the bridge. Using her phasing powers, Kitty never fell into the river, but had to find a way back into the fight. During this time, Spider-Man just recovered enough to engage Mysterio. Kitty came from above and dropped a heel kick that damaged Mysterio's power-suit, effectively revealing his true face. Mysterio was losing control of the fight and created a powerful blast of light to blind his opponents as he left. As Kitty took a breather, Peter saw and engaged Mysterio at the upper beams of the bridge, only to find out it was a hologram.

As Kitty was resting, Peter approached her to check on Shroud's status; Shroud warned Spider-Man not to touch her. Peter was quick to explain he only wanted to make sure she was okay and thanked Kitty for the team-up. Peter then asked was Shroud present at the mall last night, Kitty didn't directly answer Peter, but he thanked her anyway. Peter then wondered if Shroud was a boy or girl due to the voice scrambler, but Kitty didn't answer him, only telling Peter she have to go. Peter then asked about Mysterio, but Kitty told him it was his fight. Peter told Shroud he had no idea what to make of him and Kitty pointed out a piece of Mysterio's tech left behind. Taking advantage of Peter's distraction over analyzing the evidence, Kitty phased away to exit.

Back at home, Kitty's mom threw a fit after finding Bobby/Iceman raiding her fridge. Kitty wondered why her mother wasn't at work; Theresa explained she took a personal day off. Bobby felt he was causing too much trouble and suggested to leave, but Kitty insisted Bobby to stay, arguing Bobby had no place to go. Theresa wondered why is Bobby's situation her problem; Kitty suggested her mom to call Bobby's mom, she did and Mrs. Drake hung up half-way through. Theresa then switched the subject and pointed out the school attempting to expel her; Kitty denied any wrong doing and Theresa agreed. Kitty got irritated and insisted she wasn't responsible for drowning NYC; Theresa wanted Kitty to calm down; Kitty couldn't calm down, she told her mother that her life is a nightmare and an actual friend of hers needs help and Theresa couldn't help. Theresa explained she can't battle the school system, the world, and start taking in strays, it's something she can't do. Kitty then threatened to leave if Bobby can't stay.

Kitty stood up to point to her mother that she can't half-believe in something, either one way or the other; Theresa reinforced that she only believes in her daughter and not Bobby. Theresa then entertained the situation and wondered where would Bobby even sleep. Theresa was clear Bobby can't sleep in Kitty's room, so Kitty suggested the basement, but Theresa didn't allow it. It then hit Kitty for an alternative, she suggested Bobby to stay with the Parkers. The Prydes and Bobby then headed to see Aunt May about the matter. After telling Aunt May about Bobby's situation, she agreed to take him in. Peter later found out Bobby Drake lives in his house. After some convincing to Peter about helping Bobby, the Parker family welcomed him into the house.

Later in the night, Kitty had a pizza dinner with the Parkers. As Aunt May passed food around for everyone to eat, Gwen made sure Bobby and Johnny know she's girlfriend to Peter and off limits. Aunt May then reminded everyone that there's no hanky-panky in the house, especially to Johnny. Apparently Aunt May read the gossip columns and knows about Johnny's tall list of conquests. Johnny then joked about the matter by admitting everything the tabloids say about his exploits are completely true and high-five Bobby.

Peter re-focused on a more serious subject, how can they hide two world famous hero celebrities within their high school; Aunt May had a cosmetic suggestion, a simple makeover. Kitty and the gang followed Aunt May to the bathroom to see their new change. To Johnny's mortified expression, Aunt May had Johnny's hair dyed black. With Bobby, Peter gave Bobby a buzz-cut; both of them mentioned they might cry over losing their beautiful hair. As for their new identities, thanks to the Ultimate Wave, public records have been destroyed and Aunt May took advantage of that by faking their identities: Johnny Parker and Bobby Parker, cousins to Peter Parker.

The following morning, Kitty was with the gang when MJ found out about what they've done and she could only react with great surprise. MJ feels they can never get away with this, but Peter insists they are getting away with it and reminded her the guys are his cousins. Johnny then tested a fake foreign accent for MJ to see, but MJ changed the subject and pointed out how Peter always manage to top his own crazy stunts. Peter then reminded MJ of secrecy and then invited MJ over for dinner. Just then, Peter sensed danger. Johnny and Bobby was confused over Peter's expression, but Gwen, Kitty, and MJ knew all too well and anticipated something to happen; an explosion.

Mysterio had collected a sample of Peter's blood from their last encounter and created a Spider-Slayer, designed to track down Peter's DNA to kill him. The Spider-Slayer found its way to Midtown High School and began blowing up the school hallway. As everyone ran for it, Kitty took advantage of the chaos to vanish and put on her Shroud gear.

As Spider-Man attempted to save the principal's life, Kitty intervened to stop the slayer. By the time Peter put the principal to safety, Shroud had already defeated the slayer. Kitty used her phasing powers to short out the machine. Peter was impressed and thanked Shroud again. Peter then asked if Shroud attended to their school, but their conversation was interrupted when Johnny appeared to melt down the slayer. Peter didn't want to slayer to be smelted as it could lead to clues, but it was too late. Kitty took advantage of the two talking and quietly phased away from the scene. Kitty resurfaced at the dark side of the campus. She used her abilities to knock away the large steal trash bins. She then unmasked herself and tended to her nosebleed.

Haircut Ambush & Becoming a Fugitive

One afternoon, during an awkward lunch, Kitty sat with MJ and Gwen for lunch. The three felt uncomfortable as they weren't sure how to talk, but eventually, they found commonality by talking about Peter; the three realized they all hated how his hair has grown out and they united to ambush Peter to give him a haircut.

Gwen managed to get Peter to walk into the girl's toilet; Kitty was there to welcome him into the stall, where MJ had her salon accessories ready to welcome Peter. When Peter realized what was going done, he tried to bolt, but Kitty grabbed Peter and shoved him into the toilet seat for MJ to give him a crew cut.

While finishing his cut, Tandy (a classmate) entered the bathroom and was appalled that Peter is in the girl's room. Kitty got irritated with Tandy and told her to enter a stall; Tandy didn't take those words kindly to a mutant and exclaimed Kitty should be locked in a cage; Tandy only left because Gwen and MJ threatened to shave her hair for her insulting tongue. Kitty felt the enmity against mutants will never end.

The following day, the principal walked in with two federal agents, asking for her to pack up. Kitty wondered why and the Principal reminded her the warning he gave them earlier, the public anti-mutant issue.

Return & Peter's Birthday Party

The Shroud intervened in a robbery caused by some punks on rollerblades. Spider-Man appeared and, together, they took them down. Peter then begged Kitty to speak to him, so the two walked to his house and discussed the recent goings-on. She told Peter that Kenny moved away with his mother. When they arrived at Peters' house, they were greeted by a surprise party for Peter with all of his closest friends. The group welcomed Kitty back and they all enjoyed Peter's birthday.[1]

Death of Spider-Man

A week or so later, news of Spider-Man's demise in his neigborhood while protecting his family from the Sinister Six and his secret identity spread quickly. Those who were involved with Peter's life mourned for him with guilt, anger, sadness, and trepidation. Gwen felt she's cursed, Johnny could only express his rage with bursts of fire over the city, MJ blamed Peter's death on Fury and swore to find investigative proof, Kitty returned as The Shroud to take her anger out on criminals, Rogue thought it was the end of days, and JJ himself couldn't find the proper words to express his feelings for Peter's eulogy on the Bugle paper.

Saint Patrick's Cathedral - Funeral of Peter Parker (Earth-1610) Ultimate Comics Fallout

A crowd gathers to Peter's funeral.

At Peter's funeral, Tony Stark made and paid for all arrangements for his burial to relieve Aunt May of the financial burden. Although Aunt May wanted something small and private, those who were touched by Spider-Man came to also mourn for him at Saint Patrick's Cathedral as well. While walking in, Aunt May met a little girl that Peter previously saved from a burning building. It gave Aunt May some comfort to know she lived because of Peter.

Inside the cathedral, the Ultimates as well as the Bugle staff was present for Peter's funeral. When seated, Captain America came before Aunt May and admitted Peter's death was his fault.[2] Aunt May wanted to know how it was his fault; Rogers explained about his lecture to Peter, about him being not ready and the bullet he took for him. Aunt May lost control and blamed the Ultimates for their failure to train him and their harshness against Peter. Aunt May was so enraged that she smacked Rogers in the face. Shocked at what she had done, she left outside, only to be overwhelmed by people outside; JJ arrived to help Aunt May complete the service.[3] Although Peter died and left the world in a darker place, Spider-Man wasn't gone.

Peter's death became a critical point to everyone that was touched by him: Captain America left the Ultimates, Johnny and Bobby ran away from the Parker house (due to their guilt over Peter's death) and joined Kitty to start a new life in the abandoned Morlocks lair, and Gwen and Aunt May decided to take an all-expenses-paid new life to France. Between the secret schemes of villains and heroism of good people, a new hero with similar origins to Peter arises: Miles Morales, the new Spider-Man.

Return of the X-Men

Without knowing where to go after Peter's death, Bobby Drake asked Kitty Pride if Johhny could come with them searching for a place where to live and hide from authorities. They found the Morlock tunnels where they live now and help mutants in danger. First, they rescued Rogue, who joined them, and later Jimmy Hudson (the son of Wolverine), came to them for help after escaping Stryker's imprisonment along with other mutants he freed

Kitty Pryde and twenty other mutants have been given 18 miles of land in the Southwestern Utah by president Captain America. Kitty Has been elected as leader of Utopia and has a enemy with Mach Two who wants to be leader. Kitty Pryde has alot of admires who belive in her like Tony Stark and Nick fury who gave her a gun. Recently Blackheath has made a discovery of a sentient seed that can grow anywhere and then she called Tony Stark to show him about their seeds and want to give it away. America likes it but they are skeptical. Utopia has been attacked from abunch of mercenaries that wanted the seed.

After she killed Stryker, his consciousness was transferred to a whole army of Nimrods, who started a killing spree against mutants. With most of the southwestern states under attack, Kitty decided to travel there to fight them, leaving their condition of hiding and stopping using her previous alias of the Shroud. Jimmy, Rogue and Bobby went with her, while Jonnhy remained in the Morlock tunnels caring of the other mutants rescued by them during the Nimrod attack.


After a Stryker was finally defeated by a Mutant Resistance led by Kitty with the help of Nick Fury, it was given to the mutants a portion of land were to start from zero.[4] They called it Utopia, and managed to make of it a oasis with the help of a sentient seed developed by mutant Blackheat[5][6]. Even after a conflict among their own and the useless efforts of the US Army to stop them, the new mutant nation stood strong.[7]

World War X

Jean Grey, the new mistress of Tian, failed to convince Kitty to join her mutant nation and began to wage war on Utopia by bombing the Sentient Seed with a poison and sending drones to attack Utopia, which forced Kitty into go on the offensive and destroy them. After Jean Grey's declaration of war, she stepped down as the leader of Tian in order fight and deny Jean Grey a legitimate reason to attack Utopia as both sides prepared for the ensuing conflict.[8]


Kitty was the part of Reed Richards' plan to stop Galactus from destroying the world. Kitty was injected with the Giant-Man serum so she could grow to giant size and destroy the machine Galactus used to turn the planet into energy he could absorb. The plan was that her phasing powers would short circuit the machine and her super density powers would cause sufficient damage to Galactus.[9] However, when the plan was carried out, Kitty was used as a distraction as Reed Richards opened a portal to the Negative Zone which exiled the cosmic entity and saved the world.[10]

Young Ultimates

After the Ultimates disassembled in the wake of the near-destruction of the Earth, Kitty Pryde joined Spider-Woman's new team to continue Captain America's legacy, the Young Ultimates. Also, as her status of hero, Kitty was cited by the President of the United States to promote co-existence between humans and mutants.[11]

She later attended a get-together for people who knew Peter on the second anniversary of his death. Kong arrived shortly afterwards, and the two rekindled their relationship. In her version of what Peter would be like if he was still alive, the two would have gotten married and become a crimefighting duo again. To avoid embarrassment, she merely thought these things and did not say them out loud, instead saying she never really thought what he would be like.[12]


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