Kitty Pryde made her fortune sailing the high seas in search of booty and high adventure. With her loyal first mate, Colossus, she piloted the Abdul Alhazred across stormy seas, eventually arriving at the Caliphate port city of Nhu Yorkh. Upon arrival, Kitty and Colossus earned the attention of the local constabulary and were forced to take evasive action to avoid capture. Fortunately, Colossus' superhuman strength and metallic skin enabled them to escape custody, leaving their pursuers far behind.

Soon after, they met a powerful wizard by the name of Xavier and his charge, a noble prince known only as Cyclops. The wizard learned that they had access to a ship and asked Kitty if she could provide travel accommodations for them. He further explained that he was hunting a corrupt cosmic entity known as the Dark Phoenix. Elaborating on the tale, he further explained that the Dark Phoenix was once an enchanted princess named Lady Jean Grey. Lady Jean's soul had been excised from her corporeal form and replaced by the Dark Phoenix's malevolent presence.

Kitty knew that Colossus and she could never get the wizard back to the Abdul Alhazred, so she came up with the next best thing – her dragon companion, Lockheed. They climbed upon the dragons back, and Lockheed flew them across the great Western Ocean to a quiet, grassy countryside.

Arriving in this peaceful land, they met several more interesting characters. The first was an impish creature known as a Bamf. The second was a brutish, cigar-chomping man known only as the Fiend-With-No-Name. They also succeeded in releasing the genie, Windrider, from her bottle prison. All of the adventurers agreed to work together to defeat Dark Phoenix, and hopefully save the soul of Lady Jean Grey.

Dark Phoenix appeared in the sky above them and reigned bursts of starfire down upon their heads. While Kitty and the others struggled to keep Dark Phoenix distracted, the wizard Xavier used the power of a magic sphere to exercise the Phoenix entity, restoring Jean’s soul to its rightful body.

Some time later, Kitty and Colossus found themselves in the company of an Earth-based mutant named Nightcrawler. Nightcrawler recognized them as the dimensional counterparts of his colleagues on the X-Men and asked their aid in helping him defeat an evil sorcerer named Shagreen. Kitty and Colossus reunited with Bamf and the Fiend-With-No-Name and accompanied Nightcrawler to Shagreen's castle at the Fangs of Doom. They bravely fought through a horde of the sorcerer’s Dreadwings, but ultimately they found themselves prisoners inside the castle keep. Nightcrawler helped them to escape, and together they eventually defeated Shagreen.

Kitty, Colossus and Lockheed parted company from the others and sailed off aboard their sea rover, where they continued to forge a prosperous career for themselves as pirates. Kitty Pryde's whereabouts and activities following the battle with Shagreen have yet to be revealed.[citation needed]


Kitty Pryde is proficient in all fields relating to piracy, navigation and marine life.

Strength level

Kitty Pryde possesses the normal human strength of a girl of her age, height, and build who engages in moderate regular exercise.


The pirate ship Abdul Alhazred; Lockheed the dragon


Kitty Pryde wields an old-fashioned cutlass

  • Kitty Pryde is wanted by the authorities of the Caliphate of Nhu Yorkh.
  • Pirate Kitty's existence is predicated by the theory that whenever an individual creates an idea, that idea manifests itself as reality in an alternate dimension.
  • The fairy tale version of Kitty Pryde is several years older than the Kitty Pryde of Earth-616.

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