From a reality where Nazis won World War II. As a Jew, Shadowcat was considered "inferior" to the Aryans. Apparently, she was not only a mutant with phasing powers to disrupt electronics, but a "ghost" whose powers could disrupt human life (It is unclear if "ghost" is a metaphor or if she is really a moving corpse). Shadowcat was a member of Lightning Force and traveled to Earth-616 to rescue Doktor Moira MacTaggert, Reichminister of Genetics and her bodyguard Callisto, who had been accidentally sent there by Widget. She confronted Excalibur and caused a deep impression in her counterpart, Shadowcat from Earth-616. She considered that her Nazi counterpart was supposed to be a teenager but her eyes were too sad and probably she had seen too much.[1]

Eventually, all the people from Earth-597, except for a dragon, were sent back to their own dimension, in a hostage exchange.


Like her Earth-616 counterpart, this Katherine Pryde had the power to 'phase' her body, so as to move through solid objects, and for solid projectiles and other forces to move through her without injury. By phasing, she could also apparently walk on air. By phasing through a living being, this Shadowcat could disrupt their life force in some unexplained way. She also exhibited certain vampire-like attributes, but it is doubtful she was a true vampire.

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