Quote1 I've learned a lot in the past twenty years. I can make my molecules super-light... or super-dense. Kinda like you. Quote2
-- Kitty


The X-Men opened a portal and jumped 20 years into the past to apprehend Reed Richards and kill him. When Kitty faced off against the Thing of the past, she revealed that over the course of twenty years she had learned to make her molecules super dense, much like she could initially make them super light. She managed to match Ben in physical strength.

The team was betrayed by Phoenix, who lead them into an ambush by Sentinels that attacked and killed various members of the X-Men. Kitty survived because of her ability to phase through the attacks. Once the battle was won she kept Scott's shield as her own.

She later joined the remaining X-Men on their mission to the N-Zone Facility where she rescued her significant other, Spider-Man, and returned his web-shooters to him.


Spider-Man's web-shooters, Captain America's Shield

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