This version of Sprite was introduced when the X-Men were first sent to Limbo. This Sprite was in a team of X-Men that were not able to return to their dimension and she fought Belasco, demons, and former team mates, while learning magic.

After Illyana Rasputin was trapped in Limbo, Cat raised her for a number of years with Storm, another version of Ororo Munroe that was in her team of X-Men that did not return to their dimension. For a while, Illyana was instructed in magic, by Storm, and instructed in combat, by Cat. After a number of years, Cat and Illyana left, attempting to return to their dimension and they both were captured by Belasco. Before entering Belasco's Castle, Cat killed Nightcrawler, who was a servant of Belasco. Cat was literally turned into a loyal house cat and Illyana was made Belasco's apprentice. After a service to Belasco, Illyana was forced to kill Cat to save the life of Storm.


Seemingly those of Kitty Pryde (Earth-616).

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