Not much is known about her early history but it can be assumed that it's similar to her earth 616 counterpart. During a trip to Japan, she was attacked by the Zombie Wolverine, only to be rescued by Spider-Man, who explained that the Wolverine she had confronted had been a zombie from another dimension. Although this Spider-Man revealed that he was a zombie as well, he explained that he had beaten the worst of his hunger and devised a cure, although it required a blood sample from Kitty's Wolverine. He also explained that he had recruited Kitty because her power of intangibility meant that she could not be bitten by him if he lost control of his hunger, Spider-Man telling her how to kill zombies, severing the brain stem, which she later used to kill the zombie Wolverine.[1] Although Spider-Man and Wolverine were able to devise a cure for the zombie hunger, Kitty was later killed when Quasar held Kitty under water until she ran out of air and had to become solid, allowing Namor to feast on her flesh.[2]


Seemingly those of the Katherine Pryde of Earth-616.

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