Quote1.png At first, I think it's a daemonite trick, another sick little play to drive me mad -- and then I feel the strange electromagnetic bow-wave of someone phasing outside -- and the distinct scream of a daemonite sentinel having its system fried by the E.M. shock of an insubstantial woman passing through it. Quote2.png
-- Phoenix src


Kitty Pryde seemingly had a similar history as her Earth-7642 counterpart. She joined the X-Men at the age of fourteen.[1]

Dark Age

When the daemonites merged with the Sentinels, they used their combined powers to take over the United States of America. By 2019, most of the X-Men had been either killed or imprisoned. Those that were allowed somewhat-free roam allied with WildC.A.T.s to defeat their captors, with Kitty leading the X-Men. Lord Emp killed Warblade, which turned off his Inhibitor Implants. In his dying breath, Reno used his power to depower his compatriots' inhibitors. They then stormed the House of Ghosts and freed the rest of members. Using their combined abilities, they sent their astral projections back to the time of the kherubim's arrival on Earth and destroyed their scout ship. In the new timeline, the daemonites never infiltrated the planet.[1]


Seemingly those of the Kitty Pryde of Earth-616.


Seemingly those of the Kitty Pryde of Earth-616.

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