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After the Earth had been destroyed by Exitar, the Eimin of the Apocalypse Twins took the survivors to Planet X. Here, Havok and Wasp get married and have a child, Katherine Summers. However, she was born a human, not a mutant, and thus would be subjected to persecution in an all-mutant world. Consequently, her existence was kept secret to only her parents and her godfather Hank McCoy.[2]

Years later, Kang appeared and forced Havok to follow his plan by taking Katie away.[3] Katie, however, soon started displaying powers, after being examined by Kang, who believed she did possesses a latent mutant gene.[3]



  • Size Manipulation: Quite similar to her mother, Katie can reduce her physical size and stature to a few inches, while still retaining her physical strength and durability.[1] She can also increase her size as well.[1]
  • Bio-Electricity Absorption & Projection: Katie can absorb and project bio-electricial currents.[3]
    • Wasp Sting'


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