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Kathulos is the name of one or many entities (see notes):

Pre-Cataclysmic Age

During the Pre-Cataclysmic Age, Kulthas was an evil deity,[9] and his name was invoked on occasion.[6][7] He was stated to be unknown to most Picts and Valusians.

Gonar the Pict also invoked the "crypt-born cult" of Kulthas during an incantation.[11]

Hyborian Age

During the Hyborian Age, the sorcerer Ranephi possessed a scroll or a tome from Kathulos the Slave-Seer (among other tomes of eldritch knowledge), whom he destroyed to prevent it from falling into peasants' or barbarians' hands.[2]

Kulthas' name was, along with Rama's and Vramma's, used by Conan (under Gimil-Ishbi's advice) to bind Ardat Lili and confront her mate Lilitu.[5] His name was one of many invoked by Dharmi Shan.[8]

Modern Age

Kathulos worked for Shuma Gorath and was granted power to draw Doctor Strange across the galaxy to its surface. Kathulos appeared to Strange in a giant plant and attacked and bound him with vines. He drew Strange into the Astral Plane to absorb his powers, but here Strange learned how to defeat him. Strange broke free and used the Crimson Crystals of Cyttorak at his root system and killed him. Leaving a barren rock, Strange traveled to the planets core, destroying everything.[1]



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