Kativa was a member of an tribe of natives who lived under in the jungles of the Congo during the 1950s under the rule of M'Tuba and Lorna the Jungle Girl. In 1954, Kativa committed an unacceptable crime: stealing food from the tribe during a time of famine. Lorna sentenced him to exile from the tribe and Kativa left to try and live in the jungle. Out in the wilderness he came across and battled a rabid hyena that was also ejected from it's pack. The two battled, but Kativa was the victor. Driven mad from the encounter, Kativa skinned the hyena and fashioned a costume out of it, vowing to get revenge on the tribe by becoming the Man-Killer.[1]

The Man-Killer slaughtered many of M'Tuba's tribe prompting Lorna the Jungle Girl to go out looking for what she thought was a rabid animal. However she soon crossed paths with Kativa and the two battled it out, but Lorna proved to be the superior fighter. With the Man-Killer defeated, Lorna watched in horror as a pack of wild hyenas suddenly came out of the jungle and swarmed her foe, eating him alive and leaving nothing but his hyena skin costume before retreating back into the jungles. Man-Killer's costume was then put on a post on display in M'Tuba's village.[1]


Following his battle with the hyena, Kativa was driven insane. This was likely due because the hyena he battled infected him with rabies.


Kativa was armed with two knives.

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