Katrina Bower was the younger of four siblings, with Sammy, Tammy and Hammy Bower being her elders. The four of them lived with their mom and dad and sometimes went on vacation with them. Katrina owned a Betsy-Wetsy doll but the family lost it during their holidays; fortunately, Katrina's well-honed senses allowed her to track the doll to the toilet of a gas station in Taos, New Mexico. Later, Hammy flushed the doll in an attempt to get rid of it, and Katrina tracked it to the sewers of Paris, France.[1]

During the last days of their children vacation on the beach, Katrina went with her siblings and started crying when the narrator tried to make the frolic. They found an intelligent (or at least smarty-pants) alien starship, the-Wednesday-after-the-day-before, which Hammy initially believed to be George Lucas' beach house. Katrina and her sister Tammy started vandalizing the ship by graffitting its hull, but the ship convinced them to join it opposing the Snarfs, an alien species that was invading the Earth. The ship gave them superpowers and suits, and the children became the Bower Brats. They decided to keep their new identities a secret for their parents.[1]

Soon afterward, Katrina noticed that they had no more chocolate chip cookies at home, and Tammy expanded it with more information: Chocolate chip cookies have disappeared from the whole Earth. Sammy prompted the Bower Brats to forget about the aliens and solve this more urgent problem. The Bower Brats discovered two other superpowered beings with chocolate-generating powers, Clunk and Dagnabbit, who were being chased by a chocolate-hungry crowd. The Bower Brats rescued them, hoping to get chocolate as a reward—which they did.[1]

With the narrator giving hints, Tammy schemed a plan to work with Clunk and Dagnabbit: The unknown "Cookie Crook" probably would go after Clunk and Dagnabbit to get their chocolate, so they would be a bait. Tammy gave them Katrina's doll to be used as a homing device, and then the Bower Brats would track Clunk and Dagnabbit. The Cookiee Crook indeed kidnapped Clunk and Dagnabbit, and Katrina followed their trail to outer space using the smarty-pants ship. Then, they discovered that the Cookie Crook was working for the alien Galactapus, who ordered the cookie heist because he was hungry and liked cookies, but could not eat Earth because of a previous pact he was forced to sign when defeated by the Fantastical Four. Tammy convinced Galactapus to eat drumsticks made with the alien Snarfs instead. Thus, the Snarfs were removed from Earth and the Bower Brats could have cookies again. Katrina stopped crying because she had recovered her doll, which was a problem to Clunk because he had gotten used to it.[1]

The Bower Brats got their own comic-book series, critically acclaimed but only moderatedly successful in terms of sales. When the Bower Brats found an all-out fight between superheroes staged by the Scarecrow, Hammy proposed to join, but Katrina told him that they had already other four similar events in the last fourty-eight hours, and instead wanted to return to their own series.[2] Eventually, the Bower Brats pretended to be mutates with the S-Factor that increased sales.[3]

Later, Katrina witnessed a fight between Superbman and the Fantastical Four during which Superbman shattered the rocky armor covering the body of The Thung of the Fantastical Four. This revealed a muscled man inside the armor, which was a shocking reveal for Katrina's young eyes. Four other female superheroines witnessing the event (Magnavox, the Scarlett Wench, Talkin' bird and Tigirl) graded the beauty of the man. Soon after this, Superbman's nemesis Rex Ruthless tried to bribe Katrina with one million lollipops to join him against Superbman, still fighting the Fantastical Four. Katrina scowled at the villain.[4]

Even later, Katrina was approached by the Ghost Writer, the Pulverizer and Woolvie, three hard-hearted, hard-boiled, hard-hittin' super-heroes. They had noticed that "darkened" characters knew a boost to their popularity and sales of their comic-book collections, so they had decided to teach Katrina and others, including Deathlox (who got a book-shelf series after being taught how to be tense and tough) and Noman (who got a regular ongoing series when he became a lookalike of Lorenzo Lamas). Katrina forfeited her good-girl image, got some weight and somehow got stubble. She gained popularity and was to get her own series under the name of "Katy Powder", but it (the series) was cancelled. The Ghost Writer, the Pulverizer and Woolvie, meanwhile, took a picture of Katrina to use as a reference of their success and went on to teach Darkgeek and Night Splasher.[5]


Katrina Bower (Earth-9047) 1

Face the power of Katrina!

Stores energy and fires it off in the form of explosive teddy bears.[1]


Katrina has the ability to track her Betsy-Wetsy doll, no matter where it is, even through outer space. She also has the ability to cry a lot, and can flood a room with her tears.[1]

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