Katrina Carlson was a scientist working for Stark Industries. The day of the demonstration of gamma-powered equipment, she had to take her five year-old son Jamie with her, due to being unable to find a babysitter. During the test, the device malfunctioned and exploded. The accident led Katrina to be fired from her job. Unbeknownst to anybody, Jamie had been exposed to gamma radiaton.

One day, when he was thirteen, Jamie was bullied by other teenagers and his skateboard ended up being broken. He returned to his house and his mother tired to console him. However, her attempts frustrated him even more and he transformed into an Abomination-like creature. The physical damage to the house he caused after transforming resulted in an explosion which seemingly killed Katrina.[1]

Katrina was later found by Tony Stark, who had taken Jamie as his protégée, hospitalized at the New York County General, were she had been recovering of a severe head injury. Tony decided to keep this piece of information from Jamie, just in case Katrina died of her injury. The day after she regained consciousness, Stark informed Jamie of his mother's survival.[2] Even though she was back, Katrina was still recovering, relearning how to speak, among other things.[3]

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