The reclusive publisher of the Daily Globe, the Daily Bugle‘s main competitor, the mysterious K. J. Clayton practically hid in her main office, communicating solely to her editor, Barney Bushkin, in order to have her demands for the newspaper seen to. Among these was hiring photographer Peter Parker, who’d gained a reputation for his shots of Spider-Man in action, away from the Bugle.

At some point, she also hired as the Globe‘s new circulation manager a former British news magnate, Rupert Dockery, who demanded the paper take on a more sensationalistic approach. More corrupt than she was aware of, Dockery played upon Clayton’s vanity, talking her into hiring a young actress and model, Belinda Bell, as a stand-in for herself at a major meeting. However, it was all a scheme to make the newspaper entirely his own, but his plans for foiled by Parker, who secretly was Spider-Man. With the aid of the clairvoyant Madame Web, Spider-Man rescued Belinda and captured Dockery, preventing a fire he’d set to kill the real Clayton.

In the aftermath, the Globe suspended circulation for awhile, and Clayton’s current whereabouts and activities are unknown.



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