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Katsuo Sasaki, the Dragon-Lord, was a Japanese ultra-nationalist who planned to overthrow Japan's post-war government and install himself as a dictator, then wage a war of revenge against the United States. As a teenager, Sasaki was an apprentice to a Japanese Navy scientist who was accidentally left behind in a secret weapons cache when the island it was on was abandoned. During his solitude, he manifested the mutant power to see in total darkness, as well as to see through the eyes of others. When he finally found his way out of the bunker years later, however, his mutant eyes were unable to withstand the sun's glare and he was instantly blinded.[2]

Years later, after rising to power among the island's natives, the Dragon-Lord recruited his fellow Japanese mutant Sunfire to lead an attack against a United States ship carrying biological weapons, which he intended to use to help him rise to power.[3] After the Sub-Mariner intervened, however, Sunfire had a change of heart and turned on the murderous Dragon-Lord.[2] Battling their way into his inner sanctum, Namor and Sunfire together destroyed the Dragon-Lord's weapons, captured the villain, and handed him over to the United States Marines for trial.[4]



Dragon-Lord can see through the eyes of anyone in his close proximity.[3] Before he was blinded, he could also see in total darkness.[2]

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