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The best friend of Xu Shang-Chi, son of Ten Rings leader Xu Wenwu, working alongside him as a valet after he defected to the United States when sent there on a mission ten years earlier, initially only knowing him as "Shaun", Katy decides to help Shang-Chi return home to discover why he was suddenly targeted by his father's men.[1]


Daughter of Chinese immigrants living in San Francisco, Katy first met Shaun when he was bullied in high school, distracting the bully by singing Hotel California. She also the key to his car and went on a joyride with Shaun and Soo, becoming friends with both. Eventually both Shaun and Katy got jobs as valets, though they were judged for not having real career choices in mind by this time.

One day the two were riding on a bus through the city when Shaun was approached by a shady man who demanded that he turn over the pendant that his mother had given him and his sister when they were younger. When Shaun refused, a violent confrontation ensued, where he unintentionally demonstrated his immensely competent fighting abilities and managed to incapacitate the majority of his assailants while Katy helped him save the lives of the other passengers on the bus. Connecting the incident to a letter he had been sent recently by his sister, Shang-Chi revealed his true name and most of his history to Katy as the two flew to Macau. They tracked down Xialing at an underground fight club that she was running where Shang-Chi was recognized as the "Bus Boy" from San Francisco and forced to fight for information about his sister's whereabouts. It was revealed to him that his competitor was actually Xialing herself who defeated Shang-Chi and allowed Katy to profit from a bet against him. When they were talking afterward, the Ten Rings attacked and Xialing fled with her right-hand man Jon Jon while Shang-Chi and Katy escaped through a window out onto the construction scaffolding outside. They were followed by assassins, who nearly killed Katy as Shang-Chi fought them off, but the duo were saved by Xialing, who had come back to help them. Despite this, they were captured when Wenwu arrived and stopped Shang-Chi from killing the Death Dealer.

The group was taken to the Ten Rings compound in China, where Wenwu explained that he had met Ying Li in a mystical realm called Ta-Lo which could only be accessed through a specific path at a specific time of each year, and demonstrated the way that Shang-Chi and Xialing's pendants allowed for the creation of a map which led there. Wenwu explained that he believed his wife was being kept beyond the walls of Ta-Lo and away from him, but he planned to return there and retrieve her while burning the village to the ground. When Shang-Chi, Katy, and Xialing expressed their disbelief and disagreement with that idea, Wenwu imprisoned the three. In the dungeons, they found fellow cellmate Trevor Slattery who, after impersonating Wenwu under the insulting nom-de-guerre of the Mandarin as the face of the fake Ten Rings organization led by Aldrich Killian, had been abducted from prison and taken back to China by Wenwu himself. Though Wenwu originally intended to kill Slattery, he instead decided to use him as a source of entertainment akin to a jester. The three, along with Trevor, managed to escape the cave where they were held and made their way down to the garage, where they stole Razor Fist's car and used Morris, a friendly dijiang from Ta-Lo who had found his way to Trevor, to guide themselves through the perilous shifting bamboo maze to get to Ta-Lo.

Upon the group's arrival, the villagers of Ta-Lo attempted to oust them and send them away, fearing what might become of another confrontation with outsiders. Shang-Chi appealed to them their cause, and they were allowed to stay after Shang-Chi's aunt and Ying Li's sister, Ying Nan convinced the villagers that they were part of the good team that wanted to stop Wenwu. The group was trained for the coming war, and Ying Nan informed them that Wenwu had been hearing the call of Ying Li's voice and believed her to be begging him to save her from Ta-Lo, when in reality it had been the influence of the Dweller-in-Darkness, a creature which fed on fear and the souls of living beings but which was imprisoned behind a giant dragon-scale wall in Ta-Lo. The Dweller knew that the rings Wenwu possessed would be powerful enough to free it, and so it was impersonating his late wife to trick him into doing just that. Katy was also trained to use bow and arrows with dragonscale-tips by the Ta-Lo residents.

It was not long before Wenwu did arrive with the Ten Rings and a battle began as Wenwu made his way directly for the wall where he believed his wife to be held. Wendu began breaking the protective barrier, which let through the Soul-Eaters that began attacking both the Ten Rings and the Ta-Lo residents. Since only the dragonscale weapons could hurt them, the Ten Rings ceased their hostilies and joined forces with the Ta-Lo against the creatures. Meanwhile, Shang-Chi met the Great Protector which had joined the fight as well. When the Dweller-in-Darkness broke through, it was about to consume the soul of the Great Protector when Katy shot him with an arro in the throat, disrupting the process and allowing Shang-Chi to kill it with his father's rings.

After this, Shang-Chi returned to San Francisco with Katy, where the two regaled their friends with stories of their heroic exploits, only to receive expressions of sincere disbelief and sarcasm in response. At that moment Wong opened a portal into the restaurant where they were eating and summoned the two to the Sanctum Sanctorum, where they researched the rings along with Captain Carol Danvers and Dr. Bruce Banner. Banner informed them that the rings were far older than the thousand years for which Wenwu had been using them, and Danvers affirmed that they were nothing she had ever seen among any of the alien races she had encountered. Wong told them that whatever they were and whatever their origin was, it was nothing that had yet been documented in the sorcerers' archives. He also showed them that each ring was emitting some kind of signal, calling someone or something to them to retrieve them. With this, Danvers departed and Banner welcomed the duo to "the circus", while Shang-Chi and Katy took Wong out to a karaoke night.[1]

Powers and Abilities


  • Prodigy Archer: Despite no archery experience, Katy finds herself an expert in the field of archery upon picking up an wielding a bow for the first time.



  • Dragon Scale Armor and Bow and Arrows: Armor, a bow, and arrows made from the scales of the dragons of Ta Lo.


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