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Kay Cera was a recent host body of Cuckoo (Jasmine Destine).[1]


Currently no details of Kay Cera life prior to becoming Cuckoo's host body are known.

In her body, Cuckoo lived as the fashion designer and created of the Kay Cera Label. Her fame and notoriety allowed her to add to her mass wealth.[3][4]

When Adam disappeared into space, posing as their uncle and grandmother respectively, Walter and Flo took guardianship of their youngest siblings, the twins Rory and Pandora.[1] Cuckoo (as Kay Cera) also posed as their aunt and infrequently visited the twins to indulge them with expensive gifts.[5][4] Cuckoo also supported Rory and Pandora's superhero fantasies and created their superhero costumes.[6]

After the twins interrupted a fight between Griffin's Omegans and Lenz's minions and stole the Gryphon, Lenz learned that their costumes were created by Kay Cera. Lenz next sent his minions to attack Kay Cera in Barcelona resulting in her death by defenestration.[1]

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