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Kazakhstan, officially the Republic of Kazakhstan, is a country in northern Central Asia. Kazakhstan is the world's largest landlocked country It shares borders with Russia, China, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, and Turkmenistan. The capital is Astana, where it was moved in 1997 from Almaty.


Ancient History

Around 600 years ago, the Proto-Mutants lived in Eurasian region.[1] Due to a plague epidemic affecting humans but not those mutants, the later were targeted by the former, seeking for a cure (such as Ister's sister whose blood was drunk) or simply because of fear and anger, and were eventually all killed.[2]

Modern Era

Tony Stark in the Crimson Dynamo Armor battled Titanium Man in Kazakhstan.[3]

The man known as the Russian was living in Kazakhstan when he was hired by the crime boss Ma Gnucci to eliminate the Frank Castle the Punisher.[4]

Nick Fury infiltrated a Hydra base in Kazakhstan and learned Connie Ferrari was still alive.[5]

The Red Skull met with former KGB agent Aleksander Lukin near the Kazakhstan border. Lukin's men have just captured the former hero of Soviet Russia, the Red Guardian. Lukin fires a bullet into the Guardian's skull killing him. After business is handled, Lukin speaks to the Skull about the Cosmic Cube. He knows the Skull is after it, and is willing to pay any price to acquire it from him. The Red Skull confesses that he is searching for it, but refuses to sell it at any price.[6]

Almaty, Kazakhstan

On his way to Afghanistan, Tony Stark e-mailed Maria Hill in Almaty, Kazakhstan.[7]

Kazakhstan from X-Men Vol 3 30 0001.jpg

Dr. David Gray was a gen-biologist. While searching a supposed black plague burial site in Kazakhstan, a hired colleague of his discovered the remains of the site was not that of black plague victims but instead found bone fragments with mutant DNA in it of a group of people from 600 years ago. This group of mutants, according to the scientist pre-dated the mutants of today. Realizing the relevance of this information, Gray took all the remaining samples and killed the scientist. After 2 years in hiding, Gray used the samples from the site to make mutant clones, so that he could use them as weapons.[8]

Pixie traveled to Kuryk, Kazakhstan off the Caspian Sea to reflect at the site of the burial of the Proto-Mutants and all the trouble Dr. David Gray caused.[9]

Mockingbird traveled to Kazahkistan to investigate the death a group of Saiga Antelopes, it was a repeat of an incident that happened in 2015 when 211,000 were found dead. It was a type of bacteria, however overtime it began infecting other species including humans. Bobbi was also infected. She traveled to a T.I.M. base to find a cure located beneath the Atlantic Ocean.[10]

Points of Interest

  • Astana (Capital City)
  • Almaty (Former Capital City)
  • Kuryk

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