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According to DeWitt, his father was a brilliant inventor who was ahead of his time. However, he was disrespected and died poor. DeWitt believed that Tony Stark stole his father's designs to create the Iron Man Armor and swore revenge on him.[1]

Armor Wars II[]

Dewitt first appeared working for Marrs Corporation providing technology that controlled the nervous system of Tony Stark. However, Tony Stark, as Iron Man, was able to trace the signal and bring the fight to DeWitt. During the final confrontation, with the timely assistance of Jim Rhodes wearing an older model of Iron Man Armor, DeWitt was defeated resulting in his apparent death.[2]

Assault On Armor City[]

DeWitt somehow survived, but he was confined to a wheelchair. He joined forces with A.I.M. and Professor Power and began selling advanced armor. Iron Man confronted him along with the Avengers. DeWitt used cybernetics to remotely pilot Overlord Armors and pitted them against Iron Man and revealed his reason for wanting to ruin him. However, the neural feedback overloaded DeWitt's machine, causing the base to explode, killing him.[1]


Power Grid[5]
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  • Engineering: Kearson was a brilliant engineer who specialized in the creation of weapons.[3]


  • Paraplegic: After being injured in battle with Iron Man, DeWitt was confined to a wheelchair.



  • Overlord's War Suit: DeWitt utilized an armored battlesuit that granted him various superhuman abilities. Later, he used remote controlled versions of this armor.[3]
    • Flight: His armor was able to fly at 150 mph by means of boot jets.[3]
    • Superhuman Strength: The armor boosted his strength to superhuman levels and allowed him to lift 50 tons.[3]
    • Energy Projection: The armor was outfitted with weaponry including lasers and electrical energy blasts.[3]

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