Keen was the sole survivor of Brog World, a planet devoured by Galactus. He founded Newhaven, a planet inhabited by the last members of their respective species, which were led to extinction by the Devourer.[1]

When the Silver Surfer and his companion Dawn Greenwood arrived by accident to Newhaven, they attracted the attention of Galactus, who followed the Surfer's trail of cosmic energy to Newhaven. Even after Dawn tried to sacrifice herself to become the Devourer's new herald to spare Newhaven from destruction, its inhabitants decided it was better to leave the planet for Galactus to devour, and they fled.

Because he was the reason Galactus destroyed Newhaven, the Silver Surfer promised the former inhabitants to find them a new planet, and he became their herald.[2] Surfer's deed came to an end once he discovered a planet with a adaptive atmosphere that allowed all of the survivors from different species to live on it.[3]

After months of inhabiting this "New Newhaven," the Silver Surfer discovered it was actually a living planet called Euphoria, that used its adaptive atmosphere to defend itself from the survivor's grief by inducing them happiness and controlling their actions to ensure their well-being. A group of the survivors decided to leave the planet as they didn't want to be Euphoria's puppets, but the vast majority remained on it, including Keen.[4]

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